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The response to this project has been unprecedented - it's clear that the American people - fed up with the culture of spending in Washington - have embraced YouCut as a vehicle to make their voices heard.

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End Duplicative Government Printing

Whenever a Member of Congress introduces a bill or resolution, the Government Printing Office prints several hundred paper copies. In the last Congress, Members introduced 13,683 bills and resolutions. That works out to millions of paper copies and with all the bills also being available online. While some copies may be necessary for the official record-keeping of Congress, some of these paper copies are delivered to the sponsoring Members (and original cosponsors) and are typically thrown away. This year Congress will spend approximately $7 million printing bills and resolutions. By eliminating the printing for Member offices of every introduced bill, and instead using technology to ensure that bills are available online for anyone to examine, we can achieve significant savings to taxpayers, while still ensuring accountable and open government.

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