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Reduce printing and reproduction budget by 10%
H.R. 1246 BILL PDF | FINAL VOTE 393-0

The Department of Defense (DOD) proposes to spend $357 million on printing and reproduction services in fiscal year 2012 (FY12). While paper copies are often necessary for mission accomplishment, DOD should be encouraged to reduce spending on high quality, glossy color prints (such as the ones accompanying the FY12 budget rollout and other reports and briefings to Congress). Favoring a plain, black and white copy that uses both sides of the paper can still get the job done, and with emergent technologies such as electronic documentation the Department should be encouraged to process information without the use of paper printing and reproduction.

A mere 10% reduction to this one account would generate $35.7 million in savings in FY12, reaching nearly $180 million in savings through FY16.

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