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Repeal the $17 Billion "Prevention and Public Health Fund" Created in the 2010 Health Care Law
H.R. 1213 BILL PDF | FINAL VOTE 238-183

Under the health care law signed by President Obama, the Secretary of Health and Human Services is granted the authority to spend funds in a new “Prevention and Public Health Fund ” on any "public health" program or activity such as media campaigns to encourage you to exercise more, publishing cookbooks that tell you what to eat, and grant programs that could be used to promote new taxes on soft drinks and other beverages without any further Congressional approval. This is money that is not specifically dedicated to research to actually prevent, treat, or cure diseases and disorders. Under the law, the fund is automatically replenished with taxpayer funds every year in perpetuity. Eliminating this fund would save approximately $17 billion over the next ten years alone.

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