Terminate a Department of Labor office that focuses on labor problems in foreign countries

  • Potential 10 Year Savings: $665 Million
  • Sponsor: Rep. Steve Womack
  • Legislation:
  • Status: Introduced

The Department of Labor's Bureau for International Labor Affairs provides grants and technical assistance to organizations seeking to increase compliance with international labor agreements by countries overseas. A large share of the Bureau's funding is funneled to the International Labor Organization, an agency of the United Nations. Grantees focus international attention on child labor and human trafficking issues, in addition to promoting trade unionism abroad and adding labor protection elements to international trade agreements. The Bureau also funds technical assistance and consultants contracts advising foreign countries about fair labor practices. Given that the U.S. Government relies on foreign creditors to finance a significant portion of its $1 trillion annual operating deficit, we essentially are borrowing money from foreign governments to finance this program's technical assistance programs operating in those and other foreign countries.