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Reduce the number of Federal Employees by 10 Percent through attrition

Rep. Mick Mulvaney's bill, H.R. 3029, was passed by its committee

Since the economic downturn began in December of 2007, the private sector workforce has shrunk by more than 6 percent. Over the same period, the federal government's workforce (excluding Census and Postal workers) grew by nearly 12 percent, adding 230,000 new federal employees, to a total of more than 2 million workers. President Obama's 2012 budget proposes adding another 15,000 federal workers. The failed 2009 stimulus bill showed that government-funded employment is no substitute for real market-driven private sector job creation, and government spending to support federal jobs has a crowd-out effect on private employment. Substantial savings could be achieved by reducing the number of federal employees by 10 percent over the next 3 years. Reductions can be made by attrition, hiring only one new federal employee for every three federal workers who retire or leave federal employment.

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