Business Leaders Bash Obama's Economic Policies

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Today, the Washington Post reports that President Obama’s economic policies received a “rare public dressing down” from business leaders, causing White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley to concede that some of the regulatory roadblocks created by the Obama Administration are simply “indefensible.”

White House Chief Of Staff Bill Daley Came Under Fire From Business Leaders Over The Administration’s Push For Regulation. One by one, exasperated executives stood to air their grievances on environmental regulations and stalled free-trade deals. And Daley, the former banker tasked with building ties with industry, found himself looking for the right balance between empathy and defending his boss. (The Washington Post, 6/17/11)

  • The Room “Erupted With Applause” When One Business Leader Proclaimed The Obama Administration’s Heavy Handed Approach To RegulationThrows Sand Into The Gears Of Progress.” At one point, the room erupted in applause when Massachusetts utility executive Doug Starrett, his voice shaking with emotion, accused the administration of blocking construction on one of his facilities to protect fish, saying government “throws sand into the gears of progress.” (The Washington Post, 6/17/11)


After Facing A Barrage Of Complaints Even Mr. Daley Conceded That Some Of The Administration’s Regulations Are Simply “Indefensible.” Daley said he did not have many good answers, appearing to throw up his hands in frustration at what he called “bureaucratic stuff that’s hard to defend.” “Sometimes you can’t defend the indefensible,” he said. (The Washington Post, 6/17/11)

But Mr. Daley’s Proclamation Didn’t Sway Business Leaders In The Room ...

Business Leader: We Are Well Aware Of The “Thin Facade” The Administration Has Orchestrated, Saying One Thing and Doing Another. ... some business executives in the room said they were unimpressed by the White House’s attempts to woo industry. “We think there’s a thin facade by the administration to say the right things, but they don’t come close to doing things,” said Barney T. Bishop III, chief executive of the business group Associated Industries of Florida. He called the efforts to streamline regulations “immaterial.” “We love the platitudes, but we want to see action,” Bishop said. (The Washington Post, 6/17/11)

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