Still No Answers On Jobs From Senate Dems

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Yesterday, Senator Schumer admitted that Senate Democrats haven’t focused on jobs. Making matters worse, Senator Schumer is scurrying to push the same failed stimulus policies of the past two years. In contrast, House Republicans have focused squarely on jobs from day one and put forward a pro-growth jobs plan that will create jobs through the private sector, spur economic growth and help people get back to work.

Senator Schumer On The Senate Democrats' Agenda: “There hasn't been enough focus on jobs and job creation.” (The Hill, 6/19/11)

  • Another Dem Senator Acknowledged That Senate Democrats Lack A Coherent Strategy For Jobs. In an interview, Begich said the Senate tends to lurch from bill to bill without a broader strategy to address the economy. “I think it’s got to be a jobs package,” he said. “I think around this place, you get around a bill, and people think that’s the silver bullet. But it’s a multiple of things ... (Politico, 6/19/11)
  • Senate Democrats Are Starting To Get Nervous About Their Lack Of A Plan To Boost Economic Growth. Senator Ben Cardin: “We’re running out of time, so we’re going to have to start acting.” (Politico, 6/19/11)
  • Democrats Are Nervous Because They Have Already Seen How Historians Will Describe Their Failed Economic Policies. By mid-2011, it was clear that Obama had done little to address the nation’s fundamental economic problems. (The Washington Post, 6/7/11)

Ron Klain, VP Biden’s Former Chief Of Staff, Has Said That More Stimulus Spending On Infrastructure Won’t Solve The Nation’s Unemployment Problem.

  • Ron Klain: Infrastructure Spending Contained In Stimulus Was “Hardly A Game Changer.” Yes, infrastructure projects create jobs. But even by the administration’s own estimate, the number of jobs created or saved by $25 billion in Recovery Act spending on roads was a mere 150,000 over a two-year period. That isn’t a trivial number, but it’s hardly a game changer for an economy that needs to create 5 million jobs each year just to keep the unemployment rate constant. (Bloomberg, 6/14/11)
  • Klain Also Said Infastructure Projects Cannot Solve Our Employment Problem. “... it’s time to let go of the idea that a handful of marquee construction projects, even majestic and lasting ones, can solve our employment problem. Such endeavors alone didn’t bring us out of the Depression in the 1930s, and they won’t end our current predicament.” (Bloomberg, 6/14/11)

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