Still No Plan From Pelosi To Prevent Medicare's Bankruptcy

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Today on Top Line, when questioned about the future of Medicare, Leader Pelosi ignored the fact that Democrats’ don’t have a plan to prevent Medicare from going bankrupt.

  • Jonathan Karl: Do Democrats need to come up with another plan? Because even after the health care bill Medicare is still in trouble.
  • Leader Pelosi: The question is what the purpose of the conversation that they are having is to reduce the deficit. To reduce the deficit you have to promote growth through jobs. You have to make cuts where you can and make them wisely. And you have to put revenue on the table, that is how we are going to reduce the deficit.

Leader Pelosi isn’t the only Democrat to ignore or dodge the fact that Democrats’ don’t have a plan to prevent Medicare from going bankrupt.

  • DCCC Chairman Steve Israel Dodged Questions About Democrats Lacking A Plan To Prevent Medicare From Going Bankrupt. New York Rep. Steve Israel, the chairman of House Democrats ’ campaign committee, was peppered with questions at a breakfast with reporters Wednesday morning about just what direction the party would take Medicare. Israel, like most Democrats, didn’t offer too many specifics about what his party would do, except to note that the costs shouldn’t get shifted to seniors and that certain expenditures need to be cut and certain revenues increased. (The Washington Post, 6/1/11)
  • DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has Also Dodged Questions On The Democrats Lacking A Plan To Save Medicare. Harry Smith: But the Trustees also said a couple of Fridays ago that this thing (Medicare) could be insolvent in the next decade. Doesn’t something really dramatic have to happen, and as the Congressman suggested, Republicans have a plan, do the Democrats have a plan? DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Like I said, the Republicans have a plan to end Medicare as we know it. What they would do is they would take the people who are younger than 55 years old today and tell them You know what? You're on your own. (Face The Nation, 5/29/11)

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