Another Day Passes, Still No Plan From The WH

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This afternoon, the Administration declared it was “essential for the health of the economy” to lift the debt ceiling, yet 6 days out from the August 2nd deadline, the White House has yet to put forward a plan.

  • White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: We have made clear that we need to pass legislation through both houses of Congress, that requires a bipartisan compromise by definition. What is essential for the health of the economy is that we lift the debt ceiling for a substantial period of time. (Press Briefing, 7/27/11)


  • Editorial: Where Is The President’s Plan? The Senate majority leader and House speaker agree that the debt ceiling can be raised without raising taxes. They both have released plans to raise the debt ceiling while cutting spending. Only Obama has released no plan. Only Obama still insists on tax hikes. Where is the White House plan? Where is the leadership? (The Union Leader, 7/27/11)
  • Editorial: If President Obama Was Serious About Reducing The Deficit He Would Have Released A Plan Months Ago. "I won't bore you with the details," Obama said of his secret budget plan. But the biggest problem with Obama's approach so far is that he has never bothered with any details. The White House has been negotiating with congressional leaders for months, yet Obama has never committed any of his offers to paper. ... If Obama truly was serious about solving our nation's debt crisis he would have released a serious plan months ago. Instead, he not only passed the buck to a debt commission that he created, he then cynically dismissed their work when they announced a solution. Obama then introduced a budget so fanciful that the Senate rejected it 97-0. House Republicans, meanwhile, bravely took a hard vote on a real budget proposal scored by the Congressional Budget Office. Obama reacted by publicly rebuking House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and then outlining a plan that was so vague the CBO refused to even score it. (The Washington Examiner, 7/26/11)


  • Video: White House Grilled By Reporters Over Lack Of Plan (Press Briefing, 7/26/11)

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