Revised Boehner Bill Crushes Reid Proposal

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Tonight the CBO released its score of the revised Budget Control Act. CBO found that Speaker Boehner’s revised approach will cut $917 billion over 10 years, and $22 Billion for FY2012. As Jonathan Bernstein points out, Reid’s plan contains “less real” cuts that raise the debt limit in exchange for “nothing at all.”

  • The Differences Between The Plans Are “Very Significant,” Speaker Boehner Offers Real Cuts. In my view, the differences between the two plans are substantively very significant. Boehner’s plan offer real, substantial cuts ... Reid’s plan treads more lightly. The differences between the two plans are still very much worth fighting over. (The Plum Line, 7/27/11)
  • The Boehner Approach Would Replace Spending Cut Gimmicks With Real Cuts. In other words, assuming no Grand Bargain, under Boehner’s plan the $1 trillion-plus in Reid’s plan that is made up of bookkeeping cuts would be replaced, next year, by $1 trillion-plus in real cuts. (The Plum Line, 7/27/11)
  • Senator Reid Gets An “Extra Year” Of Debt Limit Extension For “Nothing At All.” But bookkeeping cuts, which analysts are ignoring, buy Reid an extra year of debt-limit extension in exchange for, basically, nothing at all, meaning that Reid slashes government far less than Boehner does. (The Plum Line, 7/27/11)
  • A Revised Boehner Plan Will Ensure More Cuts Up Front. By all accounts, the revamped Boehner plan is going to be more frontloaded than was his initial offer, because Republicans (to some extent with good reason) don’t trust future Congresses to be bound by decisions made now. Liberals prefer backloaded cuts, partially because they’re less real ... This is another way that the Reid plan is superior. (The Plum Line, 7/27/11)
  • Reid’s Plan Is Better For Liberals. Liberal and other analysts today are emphasizing the similarities between John Boehner’s debt limit/deficit proposal and Harry Reid’s plan ... But it’s worth emphasizing that the two plans are not the same at all. And above all, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Reid plan is much, much better for liberals than is the Boehner plan. (The Plum Line, 7/27/11)

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