Obama's Regulatory Machine Stifles Job Creation

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This fall, the House will continue its efforts to boost job creation by moving to repeal unnecessary federal regulations that are impeding private sector job growth. Below are some examples of editorials stressing how the President’s regulatory push has stifled job creation.

  • The Flood Of Federal Regulations Coming Out Of The Administration Adds Costs, Stifles Economic Growth and Limits Job Creation. Growth is a smarter way to generate additional taxes from businesses than raising the rates and thus operating costs. The former approach creates jobs; the latter kills them. The business community is also warning that a flood of federal regulations will limit growth and job creation. Obama should suspend implementation of any regulation with potential impact on the economy until the unemployment rate falls below 6 percent. The Environmental Protection Agency in particular must be throttled. The EPA's war on coal affects power plants that provide roughly half of the nation's electricity. In Michigan, DTE Energy says the new rules will take 20 percent of its capacity off line within three years. Without an assured supply of energy, companies will not invest in new facilities. (The Detroit News, 9/5/11)
  • The Obama Administration Regulatory Push Has Usurped, Paralyzed and Blocked The Private Sector Decision-Making Necessary For Job Creation. Obama’s massive intrusions into the heart of the nation’s economy have not helped: Buying auto manufacturers and running roughshod over bankruptcy law and investor rights in the process, taking over the sixth of the economy devoted to health care, imposing a new regulatory regime on the financial sector and spending hundreds of billions of borrowed dollars with no very great benefit. Add to this the recent actions of the Democrat-controlled National Labor Relations Board. Perhaps its most damaging move has been to bring legal action against aircraft manufacturer Boeing Co. for building a manufacturing plant in South Carolina. ... The NLRB seeks to punish a company for creating new jobs, at a time when unemployment is more than 9 percent and the nation’s economic growth barely registers. ... The chilling effect on other companies that are considering building new plants is incalculable. These moves have cowed, usurped, paralyzed or blocked the private-sector decision-making that is necessary to get the nation moving again. (The Columbus Dispatch, 9/5/11)
  • If President Obama Is Serious About Boosting Job Creation, He’d Stop His Administration From Creating Even More Regulatory Uncertainty. This is the president who once blithely quipped, "You know, the business community is always complaining about regulations." But Friday's decision can only be viewed positively if it is indeed a first step. There are still six other proposed regulations from the EPA that would cost the economy dearly. According to the EPA's own estimates, the cost to small businesses for obtaining carbon emission permits alone would be $76 billion per year, not including the hundreds of billions of dollars in widespread economic damage from higher energy prices. If Obama really wanted to remove "regulatory uncertainty" from the economy, he would use his Thursday jobs speech to announce that he is ordering EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to halt all of her agency's work on global warming regulations. (The Washington Examiner, 9/6/11)


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