WH Continues To Stifle Economic Growth, Job Creation

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Today, the Administration is denying reports indicating that President Obama is considering a moratorium on regulations in his speech tomorrow night. Excessive regulations stifle economic growth, which is why House Republicans are focused on repealing and reforming regulations to allow job creators begin hiring again. Across all sectors of the economy, business leaders are asking Washington to get out of the way and remove unnecessary regulations so they can begin creating jobs.


WH: Reports That President Obama Is Considering A Regulatory Moratorium Are False. The White House is pushing back unusually hard against reports that Obama is considering calling for a moratorium on certain types of regulations in his jobs speech Thursday. White House spokesman Clark Stevens emails: Those reports are false. (The Plum Line, 9/7/11)

What Business Leaders Are Saying About The Harmful Effects Of Excessive Regulations On Job Creation: 

  • James Turley, Chairman and CEO, Ernst & Young: "Remove governmental regulatory policy uncertainty through 2013 by halting initiation or implementation of regulations when such regulations could harm job or economic growth." (The Wall Street Journal, 9/6/11)
  • Steve MacMillan, CEO, Stryker Corp.: "Balanced, reduced regulation. The pendulum has simply shifted too far, and many of our most innovative industries—health care, energy and finance—are all currently stymied by the amount of new regulations, further enhancing uncertainty and adding complexity." (The Wall Street Journal, 9/6/11)
  • John Schiller, Chairman and CEO of Energy XXI: "If the government would get out of the way, from a regulation standpoint, and let us [XXI] do what we do good you'll see us continue to hire and grow this economy. I think that's a message from across the board. (CNBC, 9/7/11)
  • Rene Lerer, M.D., CEO, Magellan Health Services: "The government needs to be a better partner with the business world. There needs to be a concerted effort to create jobs throughout the country through a governmental-private partnership. The corporate community needs predictability and support. If we can move forward with the philosophy of "no surprises" with clear and predictable guidelines and support that would go a long way." (The Wall Street Journal, 9/6/11)
  • Richard Parsons, Chairman of Citigroup: There are some specific things that can be done "in terms of moving government out of the way where its in the way of job creation." (CNBC, 9/7/11)
  • James T. Prokopanko, President and CEO, The Mosaic Co.: "Minimize the significant regulatory and litigation hurdles that hinder or provide a disincentive to investment....With greater regulatory certainty, Mosaic has two different billion-dollar investments we would make in central Florida over the next five years." (The Wall Street Journal, 9/6/11)
  • Paul Hermelin, CEO, Capgemini: "The key point for growth is the restoration of confidence. This requires clarity about future priorities and more alignment." (The Wall Street Journal, 9/6/11)

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