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Speaking from the East Room yesterday, President Obama claimed, “we have not seen a lot of ideas coming forward from Republicans that would indicate that same kind of commitment to job creation.” Perhaps the White House needs to pay more attention to what the House is doing. Just this week, the House has passed four job-creation measures from our Plan for America’s Jobs Creators. If the Senate and the White House will work with us to get these signed into law; manufacturers will regain their ability to compete, expand and create jobs, utilities will not take on additional costs which decreases burdens on businesses and families, and unemployed veterans will be able to get back to work. As Leader Cantor has said since the President proposed his jobs plan to Congress last month, House Republicans want to work together on areas of common ground to get this economy going and create jobs, and we are producing results.

Heads Up: Leader Cantor will appear on Fox News Sunday this weekend

Today In History: In 1964, civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent resistance to racial prejudice in America. At 35 years of age, the Georgia-born minister was the youngest person ever to receive the award.

Birthdays: President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Stacy Keibler, Usher, Harry Anderson, Roger Moore, John Wooden, MacKenzie Mauzy and Skyler Shaye

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State Of Play: House Republicans Continue To Focus On Areas Of Commonality 

Speaker Boehner Reminds President Obama Of The GOP Jobs Plan, Outlines Specific Areas Of Common Ground To Move Forward On. Boehner “respectfully challenged” the president for saying Thursday that he has not yet seen a jobs plan from Republicans. “I want to make sure you have all the facts,” Boehner told Obama, the account of the 10-minute call said. ... By providing a rare readout of the call, Boehner’s office is trying to highlight that Obama is ignoring attempts by House Republicans to address the jobs crisis. ... The speaker, who last spoke with the president three weeks ago, reminded Obama that the House GOP released a jobs plan in May and that his leadership team has spoken with Obama and his staff about the plan “on numerous occasions.” “The speaker told the president that when he sent his jobs plan to the Hill, Republicans pledged to give it consideration, and have done so,” the release stated. “The president was reminded of a memo written by GOP leaders outlining the specific areas where they believe common ground can be found. The Speaker also noted that a number of the president’s ideas have already been acted on in the House, including a veterans hiring bill, trade agreements, and a three percent withholding bill approved by the Ways & Means Committee today that will be considered on the House floor this month.” Politico

House Republicans Focus On Areas Of Agreement, Take Action On A Portion Of President Obama’s Proposal. There have been some compromises on jobs measures this year, as both parties have sought small wins. On Wednesday, Congress approved new trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea, lowering barriers to American exports. And on Thursday, a House committee approved a small piece of the president’s plan. That was a proposal to repeal a 3 percent withholding tax on some payments to businesses that do work for state and local governments. The Washington Post

House Republicans’ Passage Of The Free Trade Agreements Show They Are Willing To Work With President Obama. Republicans, the House majority in particular, deserve credit for honoring their campaign commitments on trade, notwithstanding the protectionist pressures that are always highest when joblessness is as high as it is now. The votes show that Republicans are willing to work with a Democratic President—when the policy deserves support. The Wall Street Journal

  • The Job Creating Free Trade Agreements Would Not Have Passed Under Pelosi’s Leadership. The House approved the deals with South Korea 278 to 151, Colombia 262 to 167 and Panama 300 to 129. Respectively, 86%, 94% and 95% of the nay votes came from Democrats. Republican opponents never exceeded 21, notwithstanding media and White House claims that the tea party freshmen would be protectionist. ... But the larger political reality is that these trade deals never would have passed if Nancy Pelosi's Democrats still ran the House. That's the main reason they didn't pass in Mr. Obama's first two years. The Wall Street Journal

State Of Play (2): Will President Obama Work With Republicans?

A Very Telling USA Today Headline: Obama Won't Negotiate With Republicans On Jobs USA Today

  • Baum: President Obama Hawks Stimulus Version 2.0. ... the bill includes a lot of short-term incentives that wouldn’t encourage hiring, anti-discrimination protections for unemployed workers that wouldn’t get them rehired, trade restrictions that would raise the cost of infrastructure projects, and a decade of new taxes to pay for all the new spending. ... As for the president’s contention that his bill is “fully paid for,” with the spending front-loaded and the tax increases deferred until after 2013, it sure sounds like another case of government betting on the come. What do you call a jobs bill that professes to create jobs when in fact it wouldn’t have much of a real-world effect? Here are some adjectives that come to mind. 1. Naive ... 2. Misinformed ... 3. Short-sighted ... 4. Targeted ... 5. Insane ... If the stimulus had been successful, Obama wouldn’t be hawking version 2.0, with many of the same short-term incentives that didn’t fool those it was designed to help. Bloomberg

The Road Ahead: House Democrats Put Forward Another Plethora Of Tax Increases

Pelosi’s Plan: Raise Taxes Significantly. House Democrats are calling for the congressional supercommittee on deficit reduction to raise taxes and other revenue to narrow the nation’s long-term budget shortfall. ... “The American people overwhelmingly agree that significant revenues must be included in any plan,” Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a letter that accompanied the proposals. Democrats would raise much of the revenue by allowing the Bush tax rates for upper-income households to expire. The proposals do not spell out whether taxes should be raised on families with annual income over $250,000 or whether the threshold should be $1 million, as set by Senate Democrats last week. The Hill

Keeping Tabs

Krauthammer: President Obama’s Scape Goat Strategy. What do you do if you can’t run on your record — on 9 percent unemployment, stagnant growth and ruinous deficits as far as the eye can see? How to run when you are asked whether Americans are better off than they were four years ago and you are compelled to answer no? ... Play the outsider. Declare yourself the underdog. Denounce Washington as if the electorate hasn’t noticed that you’ve been in charge of it for nearly three years. But above all: Find villains. ... Problem is, this kind of populist demagoguery is more than intellectually dishonest. It’s dangerous. Obama is opening a Pandora’s box. Popular resentment, easily stoked, is less easily controlled, especially when the basest of instincts are granted legitimacy by the nation’s leader. The Washington Post

Baseball, Not President Obama Is The Talk Of The Town In Detroit. President Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak are touting the passage of the U.S.-South Korea trade deal in Congress this week by making a celebratory trip to Detroit, Mich., on Friday. But you may not necessarily know it by glancing at the front pages of the state’s two biggest newspapers Friday morning. The front page of the Detroit Free Press on Friday features a banner headline that reads “Five alive! Homers boost gutsy Verlander to 7-5 win” and touts the Detroit Tigers’ victory over the Texas Rangers. The president gets a small reference at the top of the page in the headline of a page three story called, “Romney’s rising star brings Obama to Michigan.” With a the banner headline “Game 5: Tigers 7, Rangers 5: True Grit,” the Detroit News is similarly pre-occupied with the Tigers’ win, and features just a small mention of Obama’s visit to the city at the top of the page in the headline, “Obama touts trade pact here today.” Politico

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