WH Walks Back Paid For Promise

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Today, the White House walked back President Obama’s previous position that his jobs bill “will not add to the deficit.” One senior official even said the issue at hand was never “do you pay for it right now?” This shift in rhetoric is just another sign of desperation from an Administration that once boldly declared its jobs plan was paid for.

The Administration Has Shifted It’s Rhetoric On Paying For A Payroll Tax Cut Extension. Obama said in his jobs speech in September that every penny of his package “will be” paid for, but that has shifted to “can be,” in the words of one senior official. (Roll Call, 11/28/11)

One Senior Official: The Issue Was Never Paying For It Right Now. “The critical thing is to extend the tax cut,” another senior official said, noting the need to continue to support the economy in the short run. “The issue was never ‘Do you pay for it right now?’” (Roll Call, 11/28/11)

Another Administration Official Indicated That Paying For The Payroll Tax Cut By Raising Taxes Is “Not The Line In The Sand.” “Paying for payroll tax cut with #millionairetax ‘not the line in the sand’ Sr. admin official says” (@StevenTDennis, Twitter, 11/28/11)

Today, The Administration Dodged A Question If President Obama Would Sign A Payroll Extension Into Law That Did Not Include A Tax Increase On Small Business Owners. In Monday’s White House briefing, press secretary Jay Carney wouldn’t say if President Obama would sign into law an extension of the payroll tax cut if it didn’t include more taxes on the rich. "The president looks forward to the Senate voting on the bill that Senate Democrats are putting forward," he said. (Politico, 11/28/11)

Perhaps That Is Because Both The Administration, As Well As Senate Democrats Are Well Aware That Their Show Vote To Raise Taxes In Exchange For A Payroll Extension Is Certain To Fail. Senate Democrats and the White House are setting up a certain-to-fail vote to extend and expand the payroll tax cut as soon as this week as their signature political showcase heading into the election year. (Roll Call, 11/28/11)

Reminder - Yesterday, Senator Schumer Indicated That Democrats Are Open To Using Other Pay Fors. “If it doesn't pass once, we're going to put it on the floor again and again, and we would be open to other ideas of paying for it if this one fails.” (Meet The Press, 11/27/11)


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