A Year Long Payroll Tax Extension

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Today House Republicans voted to extend the payroll tax for a full year, preventing a tax increase on working Americans while Senate Democrats refuse to come back to Washington and get to work.

Here’s a quick look back on Leader Cantor’s support for a yearlong extension of the payroll tax:



September 7, 2011: Leader Cantor – The Payroll Extension Is Something I Have Supported In The Past. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor left open the possibility he might accept President Barack Obama’s proposal to extend the U.S. payroll tax cut set to expire at year’s end. “It is something I supported in the past,” and “will be part of the discussions ongoing,” the Virginia Republican told reporters in Washington today. (Bloomberg, 9/7/11)

September 8, 2011: Leader Cantor – A Payroll Tax Extension Is Part Of Our Discussion. “It’s certainly part of the mix as we talk about how to go forward in terms of tax policy over the next four months,” said Cantor. (The Christian Science Monitor, 9/8/11)

September 9, 2011: Leader Cantor – The Payroll Tax Provision Is Something That Will Be Discussed Further. Republicans in the House of Representatives will consider President Barack Obama's proposal to expand a payroll tax cut for businesses and employees, House Republican Leader Eric Cantor said on Thursday. "Republicans are not for allowing tax increases for anyone, we don't believe in that," Cantor told Reuters. "So I do think that the payroll tax provision that the president proposed tonight is something that will be a part of the discussions going forward." (Reuters, 9/9/11)

September 16, 2011: House Republican Leaders Cite Extending The Payroll Tax Holiday As An Area of Common Ground With President Obama. … a commitment to honest and fruitful discussions between the White House and Congressional Leaders could lead to potential bipartisan agreement on a plan that avoids these downsides and provides tax relief for the middle class that encourages short- and long-term economic growth and job creation. (Memo To House Republicans, 9/16/11)

October 3, 2011: Leader Cantor – Pay Roll Tax Is “Certainly” Part Of The Discussion. Although Majority Leader Cantor declared Monday that the president's jobs bill is dead as a package, insiders believe it's possible Congress still could enact parts of it. … "Certainly it's part of the discussion," Cantor said of the payroll tax cut. Beyond that, he signaled no interest in taking on anything else from Obama's jobs bill and instead urged the president to work with Republicans on their jobs proposals. (McClatchy, 10/3/11)

October 17, 2011: House Leaders Cite Payroll Tax Cut As Area Of Common Ground With President’s Jobs Plan. GOP leaders, including House Speaker John A. Boehner (Ohio), have said they might be willing to consider some elements of Obama’s plan, including continuing a payroll tax cut that could mean an additional $1,500 for the average American family, as well as tax breaks for small businesses that hire veterans or unemployed workers. (Washington Post, 10/17/11)

November 15, 2011: Leader Cantor – We Don’t Think Taxes Should Go Up on Anybody; The Payroll Tax Holiday Is Part Of The Tax Discussion. “It is part of the discussions ongoing about how we resolve this budget issue by the end of the year," House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said last week at Rice University in Houston. "And we'll continue to sort of focus on that, with the tenet we don't think taxes should go up on anybody." (USA Today 11/15/11)

November 22, 2011: Leader Cantor Cites Payroll Tax As An Area Of Compromise. “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) included the payroll tax as an area of possible compromise between Democrats and Republicans in a September memo. But like other Republicans, Cantor has also said officials need to search for more permanent tax changes. ‘If we are talking about what is most helpful to address the No. 1 issue, which is jobs, I don't know if that is the most generative policy, but certainly that is part of the discussion today,’ Cantor said in October. (The Hill, 11/22/11)

November 30, 2011: Leader Cantor – Republicans Are Working To Prevent Tax Hikes On Everyone. We Republicans care about people that are out of work, we don’t want to raise taxes on anybody. We want to provide help to the physicians and the providers in the health care arena in this country, and we want to make sure this country has a sound national defense policy. (Stakeout, 11/30/11)

December 9, 2011: The House GOP Unveiled Their Bill That Included A Yearlong Payroll Extension. Extends Current Payroll Tax Relief, Protects Social Security The bill provides a one-year extension of the temporary payroll tax relief enacted in 2010 and allows Americans to keep more of their own money, rejecting the Democrats’ plan to increase taxes on job creators. The measure protects the Social Security Trust Fund from being harmed by cutting government spending and directing those savings to replenish the trust fund. Specifically, the measure: Extends the current lower payroll tax rate for employees, which was reduced from 6.2 percent of wages to 4.2 percent, for one year. Ensures that taxes will stay lower for the nearly 170 million Americans who pay payroll taxes, with the average working family saving $1,000 in 2012. Rejects the Democrats’ proposed tax increase on job creators. (Speaker Boehner’s Summary of Payroll Extension, 12/9/11)

December 13, 2011: Leader Cantor - The GOP Bill Prevents A Tax Increase On Working Americans For The Next Year And Creates Thousands Of Jobs. “If the President said he wants to make sure that we create jobs, and he wants to be there for the middle class, that’s what this bill does. It creates tens of thousands of jobs, if not more. If the President said he wants to protect Social Security and its trust fund from being raided, that’s what this bill does as well. The President also said that we can’t wait. Exactly Mr. President, we can’t wait. That’s why we’re putting forward this bill, to make sure that we are there for the middle class of this country, providing that taxes won’t go up on them, and providing a path for job creation. The President is fond of saying that in his proposal there are provisions that both Republicans and Democrats support.” (Stakeout, 12/13/11)

December 13, 2011: Leader Cantor – The Bipartisan Payroll Tax Extension Prevents A Tax Increase On Middle Class Americans For The Next 12 Months. “Today, the House showed bipartisan support in passing the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act. This common sense bill prevents a tax increase on middle class Americans, reforms the unemployment insurance program, creates thousands of jobs, and helps small businesses and job creators. By moving forward on bipartisan proposals that approve the Keystone Pipeline project and remove harmful regulations, our bill paves the way for the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs. It also extends the expensing provision, an idea included in the President’s jobs plan that encourages small businesses to invest, expand and begin hiring again. (Release, 12/13/11)

December 19, 2011: Leader Cantor – The Goal Must Be To Ensure No Middle Class American Faces A Tax Increase Next Year. In this tough economy, middle class Americans need to know that their taxes won’t be going up at any point next year. We are going to stay here and do our work until we guarantee that no one faces a tax increase in the year ahead. No one – middle class families, workers, employers, doctors – needs more uncertainty in this tough economy, and Washington must not ignore them. The President has said it would be ‘inexcusable’ to not extend the payroll tax cut for a year – and we agree. The goal of the House, the Senate, and the President is a full year extension of the payroll tax cut – so let’s achieve our goals. Let’s deliver for the American people this Holiday Season.” (Release, 12/19/11)

December 19, 2011: Leader Cantor – The House Is Committed To Approving A Yearlong Payroll Tax Extension. The House is committed to continuing to work until Congress approves a yearlong guarantee to the working people of this country that they are not going to have a tax increase. The two month plan that was passed by the Senate has now been deemed unworkable by the National Payroll Reporting Consortium, who sent this letter up to Capitol Hill basically saying that the Senate plan will provide more uncertainty, confusion and hurt workers. (CNN, 12/19/11)

December 19, 2011: Leader Cantor – House Republicans Are Working To Assure Americans Their Taxes Won’t Be Going Up In The Next Year. House Republicans are saying look, we are willing to stay here, to work and to give working people in the country some certainty as far as what their taxes will be like next year and to provide a one year guarantee that their taxes aren’t going to go up. (Fox News, 12/19/11)


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