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Today, the House will vote on the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act. Our proposal will create middle class jobs, spur small business growth, and ensure Americans can keep more of their hard earned paychecks by extending the payroll tax cut. This proposal shows that it is possible to make incremental progress on areas of common ground and contains measures that both Republicans and Democrats have supported. By moving forward on bipartisan proposals that approve Keystone pipeline project and repeal the harmful Boiler MACT regulation, we can create thousands of new jobs and remove burdens hindering growth. If the President really believes we face a “make or break moment for the middle class,” as he said last week in Kansas, then why doesn’t he support our bill that will immediately create tens of thousands of new middle class jobs and prevent a tax hike on every American with a job?

Today In History: After spending nine months on the run, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was captured on this day in 2003.

Birthdays: Rex Ryan, Ben Bernanke, Ted Nugent, Taylor Swift, Tom DeLonge, Dick Van Dyke, Steve Buscemi and Bo Pelini Yesterday: Jeff Burton

Here is what’s in today’s Ledger …

State Of Play: House To Vote Today On GOP Bill To Prevent Tax Hike On The Middle Class & Create Jobs

Speaker Boehner: The House Doing Its Job, Now It’s Time For The Senate To Do Theirs. House Speaker John Boehner predicted Monday that the House will approve legislation that renews a payroll tax cut and curtails extra benefits for the long-term unemployed. The House is expected to approve the roughly $180 billion measure on Tuesday. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has said the bill will go nowhere in the Senate, citing a provision all but forcing President Barack Obama to move ahead quickly with a controversial oil pipeline that would run from Canada to Texas. … "The House is going to do its job, in time for the Senate then to do its job," Boehner told reporters. The Associated Press

Speaker Boehner: They American People Want Jobs, This Bill Delivers Them. “I don’t see any real objections to the pay-fors that are in our bill,” Boehner told reporters. He said the Keystone provision had passed approval “at every level” and criticized the Obama administration for insisting on an “arbitrary” delay of the pipeline approval process until after the 2012 election. “The American people want jobs, and this is as close to a shovel-ready jobs plan as you’re ever going to see,” Boehner said. The Hill

Pelosi, Hoyer Whip AGAINST Jobs & Preventing A Tax Increase On The Middle Class. A spokeswoman for House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Democrats are whipping their members against the bill, although several aides said it was unclear how many Democrats would break away and vote with Republicans. The Hill

Three Pinocchios: White House Spin On House GOP Payroll Tax Bill “A Stunning Leap Of Logic” That Uses Over The Top Rhetoric. In a stunning leap of logic, the White House claims that it knows this reduction in spending will fall on education, clean energy and veterans programs. House Republicans did not reduce the defense side of the ledger, even though civilian Pentagon salaries are affected, giving some credence to the White House focus on such programs. But, still, the White House has no idea how future Congresses will write the budget, especially 10 years from now. … We make no judgment on which approach is better for extending the payroll tax cut. Certainly the discretionary budget caps are already reaching possibly unrealistic levels, particularly 10 years from now. But Carney’s rhetoric is over the top … The Washington Post

State Of Play (2): The GOP Proposal Has Bipartisan Support

A History Of Bipartisan Support: 47 House Democrats Supported The Keystone Provision When It Was Voted On In The House Earlier This Year. Boehner and other Republicans say many Democrats support the pipeline, noting that 47 House Democrats voted in a favor a bill this summer to speed up the permitting process. GOP lawmakers say the White House opposes the pipeline provision in the tax bill so Democrats can gain political advantage by blaming Republicans for defeating the popular payroll tax cut. The tax bill is expected on the House floor Tuesday. The Associated Press

House Dem Endorses GOP Bill. In a statement, Boren said, “At a time when many are without work, it is time that we come together in a bipartisan way to pass this legislation which will create tens of thousands of new jobs. I commend the speaker for including the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline that is supported by business and labor. “I also believe that this bill should attract votes from both political parties, because it takes initiatives supported by President (Barack) Obama, including the payroll tax cut extension and the extension of unemployment benefits, while also including initiatives supported by congressional Republicans, like freezing federal worker pay.” The Oklahoman

Video: Sen. Manchin On Keystone Pipeline: Everyone’s For It, It Creates Thousands Of Jobs … Watch HERE

Unions, Citing Jobs, Support Efforts To Move Forward On Keystone: Keystone backers, including trade unions normally friendly to Democrats, say the project would make the U.S. more energy independent and help create about 20,000 jobs to lower the stubbornly high U.S. unemployment rate, now at 8.6 percent. Reuters

Must Read: House Dem Blasts The President For Not Talking To Real People and Giving Lectures Instead Of Listening

House Dem Op-ed: Obama Would Rather Be A Professor Than President. Early in his administration, President/Professor Obama repeatedly referred to “teaching moments.” He would admonish staff, members of Congress and the public, in speeches and in private, about what they could learn from him. … President Obama projected an arrogant “I’m right, you’re wrong” demeanor that alienated many potential allies. … One former administration official told me directly that the people in the White House “NEVER TALK TO REAL PEOPLE.” Another former Obama staffer confided to me that it was clear to him that the President didn’t mind giving speeches (lectures), but really avoided personal contact with members of Congress and folks outside the beltway. … This “arms-length” attitude extends to top decision-makers in the President’s Administration. A senior housing official recently told me that, despite the fact that he was responsible for crafting policies to stem the foreclosure crisis, he had personally never met with a homeowner who had been foreclosed on. The Hill

Keeping Tabs

Republicans Are Fired Up. Since the heady days of 2008, a new USA TODAY/Gallup Swing States Poll finds the number of voters who identify themselves as Democratic or Democratic-leaning in these key states has eroded, down by 4 percentage points, while the ranks of Republicans have climbed by 5 points. Republican voters also are more attentive to the campaign, more enthusiastic about the election and more convinced that the outcome matters. … Consider the math: In 2008, when Obama carried the swing states by 8 percentage points, Democrats there swamped Republicans in party identification by 11 points. Now, that partisan edge has tightened to a statistically insignificant 2 points. And the "enthusiasm gap" that helped fuel a Democratic victory last time has turned into a Republican asset. Sixty-one percent of Republicans say they are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting for president next year, compared with 47% of Democrats. USA Today

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