Leader Cantor On Ensuring All Americans Have A Fair Shot

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Harvard University: February 24, 2011

“We have a choice to make today about the future of our country. In order to protect our way of life, the choice we must make is about changing course, and renewing our commitment to what makes America unique: innovation, creative thinking, problem solving, entrepreneurship, individual liberty and economic freedom. Our renewed focus must be driven by the sense that we have a limitless future in America and every one of us has a fair shot at earning success.”

Qualcomm: April 18, 2011:

“Like so many, I am the grandson of immigrants who came to this country to escape religious persecution. When they came to America, they found that no matter who they were, where their parents were born, there were no limits. They learned that it really didn’t matter where they came from, it was where they were going. They came to understand that in America, the only guarantee is that of an opportunity to have a fair shot at earning success. In America it was generally accepted that by working hard, playing by the rules, you could get ahead. ... In America, you may be talking to the union worker in Philadelphia, the retired state employee in Sacramento or the working Mom in a small town in Kansas. All of them come from different places and different backgrounds. But each of them rely upon a simple and implicit guarantee – that the deck won’t be stacked against them in America. That they’ll have a fair shot and the opportunity to succeed. And we must work hard to make sure the American fair shot is here for us in this room, and for our children.”

Weekly Address: May 28, 2011

“In America, our parents taught us and their parents taught them that, ‘No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, everyone’s got a fair shot, not guaranteed success but the opportunity to work hard and get ahead.’

Northwestern University: October 28, 2011

 “In deciding as a country who we're going to be, we need to be sure that the opportunity my grandmother realized is here for all of us. It really is about that fair shot - no matter who you are or where you're from, all of us should have access to the opportunity to earn the success that we’re after.”

 “The fact is many in America are coping with broken families, dealing with hunger and homelessness, confronted daily by violent crime, or burdened by rampant drug use. Recently I was asked, “What does your party say to that 9-year-old, inner city kid scared to death, growing up in a life of poverty? What can you do for that little girl? Well, we know there are no easy answers. But I believe that child needs a hand up to help her climb the ladder of success in our country. She also needs some guarantees in life. She needs to know that the rules are the same for everybody. That although she may have to work harder than many of us, she needs to know that she has a fair shot at making it in this country. She also needs the advantages of a solid family around her and a community that encourages her to learn and work hard. She needs some semblance of stability.”

University Of Michigan: October 31, 2011

“So, instead of talking about a fair share or spending time trying to push those at the top down, elected leaders in Washington should be trying to ensure that everyone has a fair shot and the opportunity to earn success up the ladder. The goal shouldn’t be for everyone to meet in the middle of the ladder. We should want all people to be moving up and no one to be pulled down.”

Texas A&M: November 9, 2011

“Why shouldn’t we create simple, clear, and fair rules that apply equally to all Americans, and then let you – the people – decide for yourselves who you will become, how much you can earn, and what you will do with your life? It is time for us to regain the aspiration spirit of our people and double down on the American Dream. We should all aspire to success. We should all dream to achieve. Why? Because when people are successful they are best positioned to use their talents to help grow our economy and give everyone a hand up the ladder and the dignity of a job. We should encourage them to extend their creativity and generosity to helping build the community infrastructure that provides a hand up and a fair shot to those less fortunate like that little 9 year old girl in the inner city.”

Rice University: November 10, 2011

“Make no mistake: our American way of life is not a given. Unless our laws protect it, unless our leaders respect it, and unless our people pursue it, it will wither and eventually disappear. We must not let that happen. We must protect that fair shot – that no matter who you are or where you're from – everyone has access to the opportunity to earn their own success.”

Bipartisan Conference On Innovation in Philanthropy: November 15, 2011

Now there are people saying simply, take more from those at the top and give more to those at the bottom and we can fix our problems. Well I am one who believes that simple redistribution of wealth is not going to fix the problem


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