Bipartisan Support Grows For JOBS Act

Posted by Brian Patrick on


Today, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Congressman Steven Fincher, and House Republicans unveiled the JOBS Act, a package of bipartisan bills geared towards boosting America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs. This afternoon, the JOBS Act received a warm reception from both the Administration as well as Steve Case, a member of the President’s Council on Jobs and Economic Competitiveness. The White House declared the JOBS Act to be a “real opportunity” to help small business and Steve Case issued a statement lauding the “pro-entrepreneurship bill.”

Majority Leader Cantor: Today, the White House has said we need to get started jumpstarting our business startups, and that is exactly what the bill does. Many of the Members who are here have bills in the package. The bills range from increasing the ability for small businesses to access capital, to bills which tend to reduce the regulatory burden on startup businesses and frankly allow them to flourish and grow. That's what we believe is the secret to the success of growing this economy, it is to get the small business engine started again. (Stakeout, 2/28/12)

WH Press Secretary Jay Carney: I think there is great opportunity to -- and great overlap between this administration’s position on some of these issues, especially with regards to small businesses. I believe the House Majority Leader put forward on Politico some of his policy proposals and there’s real opportunity to work to get a lot of that done. (White House Press Briefing, 2/28/12)

Steve Case – Former AOL Chairman and Founder and A Member Of The President’s Council On Jobs And Economic Competitiveness. "As we seek to jumpstart our economy, create jobs and ensure our global competitiveness, we need to double down on entrepreneurship. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act introduced today by Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Congressman Stephen Fincher does just that, combining a series of bills that have broad bipartisan support in the House into a single pro-entrepreneurship bill. This legislative package complements the bipartisan Startup Act introduced in December and the AGREE Act introduced in November - and builds on the proposals President Obama called for in September and released in his Startup America Legislative Agenda last month. I am encouraged that our nation's leaders have made passing pro-entrepreneurship legislation a priority, and that - despite a difficult, highly partisan political climate - Democrats and Republicans are coming together in a bipartisan manner to ensure America remains the world's most entrepreneurial nation." (Press Release, 2/28/12)

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