Cantor, Fincher's JOBS Act Garners Bipartisan Support

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This afternoon at 3 PM, House Republicans will be joined by entrepreneurs at the House Triangle to unveil the JOBS Act sponsored by Leader Cantor and Rep. Fincher. The JOBS Act is a comprehensive compilation of bills aimed at providing a much needed boost to America’s small businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs. This morning, Roll Call previewed the JOBS Act and highlighted the broad partisan support it has garnered.

Excerpts from “Eric Cantor’s Jobs Bill Broadens Approach

• House Majority Leader Eric Cantor today will introduce the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, which includes some measures already passed by the House. Top Democrats have been slamming House Republicans for months for not putting forward a comprehensive economic proposal, but House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is now proposing a jobs package that they could find difficult to oppose. The reason? They've already voted for most of it.

• The legislation includes bills that passed the House by wide majorities in November and other provisions reported out of the Financial Services Committee. For instance, the entire Democratic leadership team voted for H.R. 2940, H.R. 2930 and H.R. 1070, all of which are included in the bill. The approach follows Cantor's view that while the parties are deadlocked on issues such as taxes, there are still areas of agreement where progress can be made.

• … Democrats concede that House votes demonstrate broad support for the legislation … In past months, Republicans have pointed to several jobs bills that the House has passed that have stalled in the Senate. In response, Democrats have argued the GOP has not provided a comprehensive proposal to deal with the economy. … Cantor's package would seem, on its face, to address the charge, simply because it includes a series of provisions rather than broaching a single topic

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