View From Virginia: Eric Cantor helps small businesses create jobs

Posted by Brian Patrick on

Jan Davis, owner of Taste Oil Vinegar Spice, Culpeper

Culpeper Star Exponent - April 22, 2012 

Owning a small business in Culpeper, I understand, as do most small business owners, that it’s a constant struggle to make ends meet in the current economy. While we’re worrying about payroll and cash flow, politicians in Washington just keep making it harder to do business. Every extra regulation and requirement they impose cost us time and money, and often lead to many small businesses closing their doors, creating fewer jobs and slowing innovation.

It’s not just the regulations, either. Our federal tax burden is overbearing. On top of that, the paperwork becomes more complicated each year and we end up spending valuable resources just to make sure we fill the form out right. That has led to a slower pace of growth than if we were able to dedicate our full time and energy to what we do best – running our business.

Most politicians in Washington only provide lip service to the problems we face, and at the same time play partisan games with any potential solutions. However, Congressman Eric Cantor has stepped forward with a plan that will help our businesses grow and create jobs. It is a plan that both Republicans and Democrats should embrace.

Congressman Cantor’s plan will reduce taxes on small businesses by 20 percent. This proposed tax cut will go directly to our bottom line. It will immediately provide us with additional funds to put back into our business and meet the growing demands of our customers.

It’s no secret that there are a lot of hard working individuals who are looking for jobs. And there are certainly many small businesses that would like to have the ability to expand and hire new employees. But we need Washington to get out of our ledgers and provide real tax relief so we can invest in our businesses, grow the economy, and help put Americans back to work.

Congressman Cantor has offered a solution to help small business owners like myself at a time when we need it most. President Obama has also said he supports tax cuts for small businesses, so Washington needs to get to work and come together on this proposal.

With tax relief we can finally get back to work growing the economy here in our communities, where it has always happened, not in Washington. I hope Congress will adopt this approach so we can put more of our hard earned money back into the businesses we have fought so hard to build.

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