12 Questions President Obama Refuses to Answer About His Big Business ObamaCare Delay

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On July 3, the administration announced President Obama's decision to delay implementation of ObamaCare’s employer mandate – and only the employer mandate.

We believe that time will never remedy the predictable consequences of this train wreck of a law. However, as Majority Leader Eric Cantor tweeted:

The President's decsion to delay one part of the law and leave in place many others raises new questions and concerns. Last Monday, House Republican leaders sent President Obama a letter requesting that he provide some further information on his decision by July 16.

His response?

Congress has not received a response from the White House.

Here are the twelve questions President Obama refuses to answer:

  1. How will a delay in the employer mandate affect the number of Americans receiving subsidies through the exchange next year?
  2. How will it affect the number of Americans expected to pay the individual mandate tax?
  3. Should we expect a change in the number of employers who currently provide health care coverage?
  4. As a result of this delay, what changes do you expect in federal outlays and revenues?
  5. What are the consequences on next year's Medicare enrollment?
  6. Will the employer mandate increase the number of individuals working part-time involuntarily?
  7. Should some employees expect to have their hours reduced to below 30 hours?
  8. How does this impact the ability of the IRS (and the exchanges) to verify and prevent fraud for tax credits and cost sharing subsidies?
  9. How do you justify the legality of the decision to unilaterally delay the mandate?
  10. What is the ultimate impact this delay has on the economy?
  11. How do you justify delaying only the enforcement of the employer mandate and not the new mandate on individuals and families?
  12. What other provisions of the law do you expect to delay this year?

President Obama owes the American people a response.

Do you think you deserve the same exemption from ObamaCare that businesses are getting?

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