Cantor Discusses #StopGovtAbuse And Student Loans On NBC12

Posted by Nick Marcelli on

Congressman Eric Cantor appeared on NBC12 to discuss House Republicans' efforts to #StopGovtAbuse as well as protect students from having their student loan rates skyrocket.

House Acted To Put Students First:

"The way we acted in the House a couple of months ago was we passed a bill that pretty much tracked what the President has been about on the issue of student loans all along. Basically, the aim was to try and keep student loan rates from skyrocketing. It's about putting student first and we had passed the bill several months ago. Finally, the Senate came around to seeing our way, and basically it was the way that the President talked about, and the rates will be in effect and will be able to offer students an affordable rate going forward."

Local Conservative Groups Targeted By IRS:

"One of the other things that is very important about the package of bills dealing with government abuse is the situation at the IRS. I was approached by several people in the Richmond area that are in the 7th District who told me, over a year ago, that they felt they were being unfairly treated by the IRS. Later we find out as a country that there has been an effort in terms of targeting certain conservative groups and their seeking a tax status under the tax code. Now we're beginning to investigate and find a pattern of abuse. This bill would speak to that and say the IRS shouldn't be doing that nor should it be allowed to go into your protected personal health care information under ObamaCare." 

Government Works For The People, Not The Other Way Around:

"The common sense behind this package I think reflects what most working middle class Virginians and Americans think and that is that the government works for them and not the other way around. We ought to start reflecting that sense in terms of being responsible."

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