Leader Cantor Delivers Remarks On #StopGovtAbuse

Posted by Nick Marcelli on

“Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of the measures we are bringing to the floor this week aimed at stopping government abuse.

“With millions of working middle class Americans struggling, House Republicans have chosen to lead on the issues that matter to them. We’ve focused on creating jobs, lowering energy prices, offering children a better education, and lessening the burden of regulations and red tape on their lives. And this week, we are holding government accountable to them by increasing transparency, cutting waste, and giving them new protections from an out-of-control bureaucracy.

“Our plan is to stop the reckless waste of taxpayer dollars with new controls for federal agency spending, and to give new powers to our citizens so that government bureaucrats can be held accountable for any political intimidation or poor customer service that may occur.

“These reforms are reforms that our country needs because many in Washington have simply forgotten the most important principle – that the federal government works for the people and not the other way around.

“I am surprised that Democratic leaders have urged opposition to several of these commonsense measures. Why do they want to forbid citizens from transparently recording conversations with federal regulators? You have to ask: Why do they want to keep paying out hefty bonuses to well-compensated executives in these times of fiscal stress and economic restraint? Why is it that the opposition leaders want to keep paying senior federal officials who are under investigation for serious ethical wrongdoing? Why do they want to use taxpayer dollars to do that? It just defies logic, Mr. Speaker.

“The package of bills being brought to the floor this week are commonsense and they should easily garner bi-partisan support. There is simply no reason for members of either party to support mega bonuses, expensive paid vacations, and zero accountability measures for Washington bureaucrats. We are here to represent the people, not the government.

“Working families in America want to trust their government and they want to rebuild their faith in our economy. These bills are a much needed step in the right direction toward accomplishing this goal. I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to support this common sense legislation. And I urge the Senate to join us in this effort, and not waste time while these abuses continue. Thank you.”

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