No Special Treatment For Anyone Under The Law

Posted by Nick Marcelli on

House Majority Leader spoken on the House floor today in support of a measure to fund the government and ensure no special treatment for big business, the politically-connected, or Members of Congress under Obamacare. 

“Thank you, Mr. Speaker, and again I thank the gentleman from Kentucky for his leadership in bringing this bill to the floor. It’s interesting – my colleague who just spoke – the Democratic Whip – talked about democracy, insisting that we bring democracy to the House. Well I would respond to my friend and tell him that democracy is founded upon the principle that there is equal treatment under the law. So tonight’s debate is not about trying to stifle democracy. Tonight’s debate is trying to insist that the minority party – and its policies— are trying to stop the administration from carving out special treatment for special interests. It’s about telling this Administration and this President that there should be no special treatment for members of Congress - there should be no special treatment for big business. We all live under the same laws.

“Mr. Speaker, hardworking Americans around this country want a government that puts people first. Since ObamaCare was passed in a highly partisan manner, the President himself and other members of his party have offered unilateral exemptions and delays for special interest groups and for members of this Congress. So you have to ask: why are Members of Congress exempt from the pains of ObamaCare? Why are these special interests exempt from the pains of ObamaCare? Shouldn’t we also exempt the hardworking families of this country from the pains of ObamaCare?

“There should be no special treatment for anyone under the law. That is a founding principle of this country. No special treatment for anyone. Equal application, equal treatment under the law. Delaying the individual mandate for American families and withdrawing the exemption for Members of Congress is what this bill is about, and it is the right things to do.

“Now is the time for our President to lead. Now is the time for the Senate to act. Their stubborn refusal to work across the aisle is the reason why Americans today are so frustrated by what they see in Washington.

“House Republicans have now offered three possible solutions to fund our government and protect working middle class families from losing a job, from losing their health care, or losing part of their paycheck due to Obamacare. Senate Democrats have offered nothing. Yesterday, they didn’t even show up for work.

“No one, should shut down the government in order to protect special treatment for members of this House or the other body. No one should shut down this government to protect special treatment for big business and special interests. It is time for all of us to think about America’s hardworking middle class families.

“Now is the time to pass this resolution to keep the government working on behalf of the people who sent us here, and I urge my colleagues in the House to support this Continuing Resolution.”

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