Leader Cantor Discusses ObamaCare & Iran On CNN's The Lead

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You Can’t Even Tell What’s Going On With These ObamaCare Numbers:

“Just another day in a series of mess-ups in ObamaCare. You can’t even tell what’s going on here. They say 25,000 names and people who have apparently gone to the healthcare.gov website, but we don’t know whether they have purchased insurance or whether it’s just in their shopping cart. The same goes for the state exchanges – we don’t really know. This is the problem – any of these numbers pale in comparison with the millions of Americans who are receiving these cancellation notices. Jake, this is what the problem is right now – millions of Americans are being told by their insurance companies that they can no longer have the health care that they need because of ObamaCare.”

House Voting To Allow Americans To Keep The Health Plans They Like:

“This has been the problem all along – when President Obama thinks he knows better for families what they need and what they can afford, that’s when things go awry. Again, millions of Americans who have chosen the plans that fit their budget and fit their health care needs – they are being told that they can’t have those. We’re hearing from millions of Americans who say, ‘I like my health care.’ In fact, if you look at any of the public polling, most Americans who have health insurance right now like their health care. These are the ones we’re talking about frankly in trying to help, and this is what Chairman Upton’s bill this week on the floor of the House tries to address. It’s not a total fix, listen, the only way you’re going to stop these cancellation notices, the only way you’re going to fix this is to repeal ObamaCare. We’ve been there, the President says he won’t do that, so this is one step towards trying to help people who are getting hurt right now.”

Mr. Gora Knows What’s Best For Him, Not Mr. Obama:

“What we have said all along is we want what is best for people’s health care. We’ve never believed that ObamaCare and its mandates, and a Washington-knows-best mentality is what’s good for people’s health care. So if the Democrats are saying we ought to let people choose, we ought not be imposing higher prices on people, then yes, we certainly want to work with them. But you know what, this is Bruno Gora from Richmond, Virginia – a constituent of mine – and now he not only can no longer have his health care coverage he likes, he will be charged about $3,400 more just because President Obama and Washington say that he should have the health care coverage they say is appropriate for him. Mr. Gora knows best what’s for him, not Mr. Obama.”

No One Believes The Potential Interim Agreement Is Helpful To Middle East Stability:

“I find it astounding that the White House would say that a deal that would allow enrichment of Uranium and building a Plutonium reactor is not a march to war. That’s the march to war. The deal that was in the works would frankly allow Iran to continue its pursuit of nuclear weapons capability. What we’re trying to do in the Congress, which we’ve already done in the House, is to pass additional sanctions. It’s up to the Senate now because the House has passed the sanctions. What’s very odd right now in the Middle East is you have the Arabs and the Israelis join together in their sense that American foreign policy as is played out in that potential interim agreement is something that is not helpful to the stability of the region, and in fact those allies of ours are telling us that to allow Iran the ability to continue to enrich or to build a Plutonium factory is a sure way to spawn nuclear proliferation – and God forbid, face a nuclear Iran.”

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