Memo: Keep Your Health Plan

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor sent the following memo to House Republican colleagues outlining the legislative agenda for the next week:


To: Republican Colleagues
From: Eric Cantor
Date: November 7, 2013
RE: Obamacare Item for Next Week and Action Items

Last week at Conference, I announced that for the next several weeks we intend to focus our communications, legislative and oversight activities around Obamacare on the millions of Americans who are having their health insurance policies cancelled and the broken promise that “if you like what you have you can keep it.”

FLOOR ACTION: In keeping with that announcement, on Friday, November 15 the House will consider a proposal from Chairman Fred Upton entitled the “Keep Your Health Plan Act.” This three sentence bill will fulfill the promise made that “if you like your health care you can keep it” by ensuring that the millions of individuals who currently have health insurance through the individual market and are having their policies cancelled as a result of Obamacare could have the option to keep their policies in 2014. As has now been revealed by the media, the President and those who put Obamacare together always intended that millions of individuals would lose their current coverage and be forced into the exchanges. I also want to commend Ron DeSantis for his work promoting similar legislation.

ACTION ITEM #1: Chairman Upton’s bill has been cosponsored by 106 of our colleagues.  If you would like to add your name as a cosponsor, have your staff contact Mark Ratner with Chairman Upton at

ACTION ITEM #2: Last week we asked each Member to collect stories from their district of individuals who have had their policies cancelled because of Obamacare.  We asked that in addition to their story you get a copy of their cancellation letter and a photo of the constituent. There will be opportunities for every House Republican to put their constituent story (and letter and photo) to use next week and we ask that you have at least one story ready to go when you return to Washington next week.  More information about these opportunities will be provided next week.

ACTION ITEM #3: The Conference has launched a website ( where individuals can tell their story about the impacts of Obamacare.  To date, the Conference has collected over 1,500 individual stories.  Please promote this website on your webpage, twitter, and Facebook. And make sure your staff checks in with Conference to get the stories submitted from individuals in your district.

Finally, I commend to your attention these pieces from National Review and The Weekly Standard, which both advocate moving “if you like your health care, you can keep it” legislation. 

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