Cantor: We Don't Have To Accept The Democrats' New Normal

Posted by Nick Marcelli on

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor gave the following remarks at the Weekly Republican Leadership press conference:

"Now that January 2014 is here, ObamaCare has become a reality for all Americans and their families. The House this week is going to be approaching that issue in a very deliberate and appropriate manner. One of the bills we have coming to the floor is a bill that demands the administration offer us real information and transparency about who is signing up on these websites. We need to know, the American people need to know how this is working. Is this going to work? Or are these higher deductible, higher premiums only a sign of what is to come in terms of the diminished quality of care and increased costs?

"We will also be bringing up a bill that has to do with the security of the website. I know that there have been reports this morning of several Attorneys General in America bringing up the issue to Secretary Sebelius unsuccessfully about the security of the website. Unfortunately, their pleas have gone unanswered by the Secretary and I know that they have appealed directly to the President asking for a meeting to understand what the risks are to their consumers in their states if they go on, talk to these navigators, and offer up their personal information to the website.

"We're going to pass these bills. I'm hoping that the Senate will take up these bills. Of course Harry Reid does not have the greatest track record in terms of bringing up House-passed bills. But I would certainly think those of you in the media would think it is a fair question to ask about the accuracy and the thoroughness of the information that the administration provides us about

"As the Speaker said, we're going to continue to focus on our efforts to create a growing economy. There are over 200 bills sitting in the Senate. Harry Reid can pick up some of those bills. There are some bipartisan bills over there that will help job creation so we don't have to accept the new normal that the Democrats seem to want to accept as far as unemployment and job prospects."

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