Cantor Delivers Remarks in Support of RAPID Act

Posted by Nick Marcelli on

House Majority Leader Cantor gave the following remarks on the House Floor in support of the RAPID Act:

"Mr. Chairman, I thank you and I thank the gentleman from Pennsylvania for his leadership on bringing this bill forward. Mr. Chairman, I rise today in support of the RAPID Act.

"It's hard enough for working middle class wage earners, many of whom haven't seen a raise in years, to get by. With record low temperatures, polar vortexes, and damaging snow storms, this brutal winter has created even bigger problems for America's families.

"For too many, just paying the monthly heating bill has become a real challenge. A few weeks ago, my hometown paper, the Richmond-Times Dispatch, reported on record high propane prices and the impact it’s had on the 135,000 Virginia families who heat their homes with propane.

"Unfortunately, cost increases are affecting families whether they use propane, natural gas, or electricity to heat their home. Right now, moms and dads all across America are sitting at their kitchen tables, looking at one of the largest home heating bills they've ever seen. We in Congress cannot do much about the cold weather, but we can enact sensible policies that expand energy supplies and reduce costs. And that's exactly what we’re doing in the House this week.

"If you heat your home with propane, our bills tackle the infrastructure problems that have led to record price increases. If you heat your home with natural gas, we are trying to make it easier to move the natural gas that is being developed throughout the country to your home. If you heat your home with electricity, we are halting excessive and unnecessary regulations that are expected to drive up the cost of electricity. The bottom line: We are reducing energy costs for America’s families.

"Middle class families in Virginia and throughout America have enough to focus on without having to worry about Washington making it more expensive for them to heat their home. This is an opportunity for members of the House to stand together and to offer some relief to struggling Americans who are simply trying to pay their energy bills and provide for their families.

"I want to thank Chairman Goodlatte, Representative Marino, and the rest of the Judiciary Committee for their hard work on this issue, and I urge my colleagues to support this bill. I'd also like to thank Chairman Upton, Chairman Whitfield, Chairman Shuster, and Congressman McKinley for their work on other legislation in dealing with energy costs this week. Thank you."

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