House Will Pass Bills to Lower Home Heating Costs and Help Working Families

Posted by Nick Marcelli on

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor gave the following remarks at this week's Republican leadership press conference:

"This is Home Heating Week in the House of Representatives. The House is going to pass a series of bills this week, as already begun last night, to lower the cost for families using electricity, gas, and propane to heat their homes. I don't think any part of the country save for maybe a very few in the southern tip of Florida has avoided the wrath of this winter. Home heating bills, in many instances, are twice that which they normally are.

"The bills that we are passing to increase the energy supply here in the United States will help bring down energy costs, home heating costs for working families. We've got to help folks and that's what we're trying to do. The Democrats should join us in this effort to help bring down heating costs.

"We also see that hardworking Americans are struggling under the President's health care law. They don't need to see 1% of their salary taxed because they can't navigate a failing ObamaCare bureaucracy. And as Lynn Jenkins just said, we are going to pass her bill that will make the mandate penalty zero for the rest of this year. That is something that is about simple fairness.

"This President, as it was reported this week, will delay more of ObamaCare, and it's been reported, to 'help the Democrats in their midterms.' And I'm just at a loss to wonder why it is the President thinks that he can get away with this. The next question is would a Republican president get away with this in his term? Could the next President, as a Republican, delay ObamaCare or cancel provisions of the law? That's what's going on and the questions aren't even being asked.

"I also have to wonder if the law's supporters are so worried about voters seeing what the law is about in its implementation, what about the families that aren't getting the favored treatment? That's what we're about. Lynn Jenkins bill, the Simple Fairness Act is about dealing with the plight of the working families while this President has exempted businesses, delayed the things for perhaps those that he's deemed deserving. We're here for the working families to make sure they get the same treatment.

"Finally, the House will be discussing ways that we can help Ukraine's government while putting significant pressure on Russia to stop the flagrant aggression to its neighbor in Ukraine. The world community should stand united against this invasion. America should be leading and we'll vote soon on legislation to help aid the Ukrainian people. House Republicans are about an America that works and an America that leads."

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