These Kids Are Not Invisible, They Are Our Inspiration

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor appeared on "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren to discuss conservative solutions, the Gabriella Miller #KidsFirst Research Act, and ObamaCare:


These Kids Are Not Invisible, They Are Our Inspiration:

"Greta, how outrageous is that? I have traveled almost every month to an inner city school both in my hometown of Richmond and elsewhere across the country, spending time in these schools with inner city students and kids. I don't look at them being invisible, I look at them as being an inspiration. I met a young boy in New Orleans named Brian, and here's a kid who – he’s never met his mom or knew who she was. The only time he has ever spoken with his father is through prison bars. He is being raised by his grandmother, and he recently found out his grandma was diagnosed with cancer. Yet, he was a positive kid. He was working to go to college. Here he was in an inner city school in New Orleans, able to be in that school because of a common sense conservative policy of education choice by Governor Jindal. We have solutions to help these kids. These kids are our inspiration. This is why so many people across the country are so sick about what goes on in Washington. We shouldn't be hurling accusations and doings things like that. The minority leader in the House should really, I think, apologize for that statement. That's outrageous. We all want to help inner city kids, we all want to help people. The debate should be around what's the best way to help people. We feel that we have common sense conservative solutions that actually can produce results like those in Louisiana that are helping Brian."

On The Administration's Secret ObamaCare Delay:

"This is a pretty amazing thing. The Administration and the President have consistently refused to agree and work with Republicans to delay the individual mandate under ObamaCare. Hence, you see all of the people who are hurting because of this health care law. So my question to the President is does he ever want to see this law fully implemented? And if he does not, doesn't that tell you something? We as House Republicans believe strongly we ought to go about being fair and delay this law and the individual mandate of this law for everyone – and we're going to vote on that tomorrow and use the savings for that to help protect Medicare and today's seniors. I brought this with me, Greta, because this is the form that the White House has for people who want to claim a hardship exemption from the individual mandate. Interestingly, on this form there is another catch-all category that says if you have experienced another hardship in obtaining health insurance and you cannot possibly document that, I guess you're also exempted, which means really he's doing what we're saying. We're trying to pass a law and do it with certainty. The White House is trying, and is doing it in secret behind closed doors."

On #KidsFirst Washington Got Something Right:

"A lot of people complain, and they're legitimate in their complaints, about what doesn't get done, and what's wrong with Washington, but this particular instance is something that went right. The Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act is a bill which says we ought to choose pediatric medical research over politics. The bill is basically taking monies out of the fund where you have taxpayer dollars going to pay for political conventions. You stop spending taxpayer dollars for that and let's do it for something to help save lives and cure disease, which is exactly what this is. It's a bill that inspired by little girl, her name was Gabriella Miller. She's from Loudoun County, Virginia, diagnosed at 9-years-old with an inoperable brain tumor, and became very passionate about the cause. She was a force of nature as a 9- and 10-year-old. Unfortunately, she just passed away in the fall. Representative Gregg Harper, a colleague of mine in Mississippi, had this bill. He and I met the parents and named the bill after Gabriella. Amazing, this week, the Senate went and cleared this bill. So, it's on its way to the President's desk. I look forward to the President signing it because what this says is we all came together, we all were able to actually produce a positive result to help cure disease and to help promote research in the area of pediatric disease. We can work together towards that end."

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