When We Put Politics Aside, We Can Build An America That Works For Everyone

Posted by Nick Marcelli on


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor today gave the following remarks at the weekly Republican Leadership press conference:

"There are nearly 200 House-passed bills being blocked in the Democratic Senate. Nearly 200 of them. Many of them overwhelmingly bipartisan. Many of them sponsored by House Democrats. And many of them of focused on creating jobs, growing wages, and creating opportunity for all. You would have to ask: isn't it about time the Senate starts to work?

"When we work together, Republicans and Democrats, the White House and Congress, there really is no limit to what we can accomplish. We can help kids who are in failing schools. We can help middle class families struggling to pay home heating bills. We can help people trying to get affordable health care. And we can help children who are battling diseases and disorders, who are heroic and inspiring to us all.

"Yesterday, we did prove Congress can get something done by sending to the White House the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act. This bill ends federal funding of lavish political conventions and redirects that money to fighting diseases and disorders afflicting kids. This act literally puts pediatric research above politics. This bipartisan effort was inspired by a 10-year-old girl who simply wanted Congress to act to help save lives. Thanks to that little girl, Gabriella.

"I hope that yesterday's success is the new standard, not the exception. When House Republicans and Senate Democrats are willing to put politics aside, we can build an America that works for everyone. We continue to work towards an America that helps working middle class families to find jobs, increase take home pay, and access opportunity. We owe that to the American people. Thank you."

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