Crossing Your Fingers Is Not An Economic Plan

Posted by Nick Marcelli on

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor released the following statement on the May jobs report:

"This morning's jobs report brought the good news that many of our fellow Americans found work last month. But one month of good news should not blind us to the long-term challenges that remain. Far too many Americans remain unemployed. Far too many Americans have left the workforce altogether. Far too many Americans don't have an optimistic outlook on finding a good paying job that supports their families. Every first Friday of the month we wait with crossed fingers when more could be done to see consistent and stable growth.

"While the House is passing bills to grow our economy and encourage job creation, the Administration is taking unilateral actions that hinder growth and weaken job creation. This week, President Obama's EPA chose to unilaterally introduce new regulations that will dramatically harm job growth and take more hard earned money out of people's pockets. That is reckless and counterproductive. The House has sent dozens of bipartisan bills to the Senate that foster job growth and increase take-home pay for working middle class families. Democratic leaders choose to ignore these jobs bills while the Administration turns a blind eye to the devastating effects of their policies. It's time the White House and the Senate get serious about the economy. Crossing your fingers is not an economic plan. House Republicans will continue our efforts to build an America that works, so that every jobs report is a good one."





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