House Acting To Help Vets, Get To The Bottom Of VA Scandal

Posted by Nick Marcelli on

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor gave the following remarks at the weekly Republican Leadership press conference:

"This past week we were reminded of the greatness of America as we remembered the brave men who stormed the beaches of Normandy in order to bring liberty to the oppressed masses in Europe. Unfortunately as we see the scandal at the VA unfold, we are reminded of the failure of our federal government to live up to the obligations we have to the veterans who have so honorably served us.

"Our Committees and the Chairmen are holding investigations and will be conducting thorough investigations into what has gone wrong so that we can begin to finally fix the systemic problems at the VA and give our veterans the care that they need.

"This week, there will be a vote that reflects our notion of freedom of health care for our veterans so that our veterans are not tied up on these waiting lists so that they can too have the option of accessing care in the private space if it's unavailable at the VA. Our position has always been more choice for not only our veterans, but for all Americans when it comes to health care.

"We remain committed to building faith in our economy. I know that Congressman Tiberi is with us today to talk about one of the bills he is carrying that speaks to our small businesses so that they can understand that Washington is not here to oppose individuals who want to take risk and build jobs, but we're here to try and make sure that the environment is such that they can take more of their hard-earned money to create those jobs and create more opportunity in our communities."





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