Continuing To Champion Conservative Solutions

Posted by Genevieve Villari on

Leader Cantor on CNN's State Of The Union:

"I'm looking forward and I think, again, a lot of folks are going to be interested in that. But to me, the problems that people are facing in this country are a lot greater than any kind of setback -- political setback, personal setbacks I've got. So I really am very focused on continuing on the mission that I've tried to be about here in Washington. It's those reform conservative solutions that actually can be applied to people's problems in the working middle class of this country, the poor, and for everyone."

Leader Cantor on ABC's This Week:

"I want to take what I’ve done here, and the privilege I have had of representing the people of the 7th District of Virginia and be able to really look toward the future so I can continue to promote and be a champion for the Conservative cause."

"The focus of my team and myself, every day was to shape an agenda to continue to put ideas out there that reflect our commonsense conservative solutions. We are going to have a time when we actually have to solve problems and stop the kind of lurch leftward that we’re seeing. I believe we are getting ready for that. And as I go forward, I will find ways that I can continue to be influential in making sure that we continue that drive for solutions."





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