GOP Whip Cantor to Speaker Pelosi: It's a Dereliction of Duty Not To Address Taxes

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House Republican Whip Eric Cantor
CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report”
September 27, 2010

Cantor On The Obama/Pelosi Tax Hikes:

"Everything I’m hearing is that there will not be a vote on the tax question this week and I think is a dereliction of duty for Speaker Pelosi to adjourn this congress without addressing the number one question on the minds of Americans and small businesses, and that is, what's my tax rate going to be?

"The President keeps talking about tax cuts, but the reality is come January 1, one or two things are going to happen. Either your tax rates are going to go up or stay the same. What Republicans continue to say along with many Democrats at this point is let's make sure that tax rates don't go up especially in a recession and especially when you're talking about small business tax hikes when you need them to create the jobs."

On Stopping Uncertainty & Focusing On Private Sector Growth:

"I think corporate America, small business America, and working families in America need to see some return to a sense of stability here and stop all the uncertainty. If we're going to see a return to people getting back to work, we do have to focus on a competitiveness and the growth prospects for our country. 

 "The growth prospects can really be aided if Congress would get in the game, stop causing uncertainty, stop raising taxes, and understand that we've got to compete in a growth-oriented way, which means bringing down corporate rates, simplifying the tax code and not disadvantaging American-based companies." 

On The GOP’s Principles Of Free Enterprise:

"We are adherent to the principles of free markets, liberty, and America is an exceptional place. We don't want to become like everyone else. We don't want to become like the social welfare states of Europe and others where people have to export their children, if you will, when they get old enough to pursue a career to come somewhere else to pursue those dreams. We want the ability in America to make sure our kids have the prospects of achieving their own dreams here. We've always been the best at innovation. The only way we do that is to reorient back to those free enterprise principles."



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