Leader Cantor Defines Cut and Grow Congress, Previews SOTU on "Meet The Press"

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Leader Cantor On The President’s State Of The Union Address:

 "I'm really interested to see and hear what the President has to say. I think he has a real chance to lead here, but the question is did he listen and has he learned from the last election? I think that the vision the President laid out over the last two years is one very much focused on increasing government spending and trying to spawn action from a Washington based perspective and what the people have said is enough. We have to shrink government. We have to cut spending. And we need to really look to the private sector to grow jobs."

On The Cut And Grow Congress:

"Our Congress will be a cut and grow Congress. We believe we have to cut spending. We have to cut the regulations that have stopped job growth. When the President talks about competitiveness, sure, we want America to be competitive, but then when he talks about investing, I think even someone from the White House this week had said that this is going to be a cut and invest White House. We want to cut and grow. When we hear invest from anyone in Washington, to me that means more spending."

On Stopping The Out Of Control Spending In Washington:

"Let's step back for a minute and look at the whole continuum of spending challenges.  We'll have three bites at the apple here as far as approaching and reducing spending in Washington.  As far as the mess in the past, we're going to have the debt limit increase vote, that deals with the rampant spending that’s been in place in this town for some time and that’s gone into overdrive in the last couple of years.  As far as the decisions that we make now, it's about the continuing resolution vote that will come up in the next month or so."

On The Debt Limit:

"Let me be clear: Republicans are not going to vote for this increase in the debt limit unless there are serious spending cuts and reforms. That is just the way it is. We have talked a lot about bringing spending down to '08 levels. We've talked about things that we can do to make sure that off into the future this kind of spending doesn't continue. When I went back and told you there’s three bites at the apple, the other piece is our budget. We're going to work on our budget and say, look, we’re going to have to institute some reforms to make sure these spending patterns don't recur."

Watch Leader Cantor’s Full Interview HERE.

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