Leader Cantor Previews SOTU On Fox News

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Cantor On The President’s State Of The Union Address:

“We'll be listening to hear whether the President heard the electorate on November 2nd of last year – that frankly it's time for Washington to change its ways, that we have to stop spending money we don't have and begin to rein in the size of government. A lot of what we're hearing from the White House today has been very much focused on this agenda of continuing to invest, while we attempt to cut spending. Our Majority in Congress is off to a good start. We’ve been about cut and grow. We believe we ought to cut spending to let the private sector grow. I’m not quite following how the President feels that we ought to try and cut spending while attempting to invest or spend more from Washington.”


On Today’s GOP Cut And Grow Resolution:

“Today, we put a resolution on the floor, which sets spending levels back down to ’08 or less. The important piece is ‘or less.’ We believe we are speaking on behalf of the American people when we say we have to look for ways to do more with less and look for ways to cut spending. That has to be the first step taken if we're going to see the economy grow again – if we're going to see entrepreneurs and small business folks willing to get back in the market to earn their success. That is what it's about. When you say where are the specifics? I announced today that the week of February 14th, we're going to have on the floor of the U.S. House, the spending plan for the rest of the year. That’s what will be at the ‘08 levels or less.

On The GOP Plan To Create Private-sector Job Growth:

“The President has always been a great orator and I’m sure tonight we are going to hear some great words. But the American people know Washington has really spent enough already, the private sector in this country is the engine for innovation and job creation. That's where we have seen the hesitancy and the lack of growth because Washington has continued to move in to areas where people just sense it ought not be. We’re going to try and roll back that regulation environment that is so burdensome to people and allow the private sector and small businesses to grow again.”

Watch Leader Cantor’s Full Interview HERE.

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