Leader Cantor's Stakeout Remarks

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"We're going to have on the floor today a resolution which delivers on our commitment that we are going to reduce spending levels for the remainder of the fiscal year. Following up on that, I’m announcing today that the House will vote on the Continuing Resolution the week of February 14th. I know it's a little bit out of the norm to announce this early the scheduling of a vote. But this is how serious we are in delivering on our commitment to cut spending.

"The Speaker has continued to say, we're going to have an open process in this House and the House will work its will. Our intention is to allow every member on both sides of the political aisle to come forward and offer his or her prescriptions on how we cut spending and reduce the size of government. And that will take place on the week of February 14th. That is a couple weeks from now.

"The other thing of note around here is this morning we have seen many begin to attack somehow the Republican plan for how we take the country forward. In particular, Leader Reid and Senator Schumer have been out hurling criticisms about Paul Ryan and him being the individual giving the Republican response tonight. Well, just to sort of put all of these attacks and criticisms into context, it was Leader Reid who appeared on one of the Sunday shows a couple of weeks ago that said there were no fiscal problems with Social Security. Now, I think that is obviously an irresponsible statement. Clearly that puts Leader Reid in opposition to statements made by the President and members of his party on this side of the Capitol.

"Again, it brings us to the point, we have to stop the criticisms and accusations and act in a responsible way to cut spending and to show the American people that we're going to take this country responsibly into the future. But first things first. We have to cut spending because that has shown to be the largest impediment in the way of job creators and we need to pull government back."


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