Leader Cantor Statement on Short-Term CR

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement regarding the short-term Continuing Resolution:

“Today, House Republicans unveiled a second Continuing Resolution (CR) that includes common-sense spending cuts to responsibly keep the government running for the next two weeks and avoid a shutdown. This short-term measure will reduce spending by $4 billion through terminations and reductions that the President called for in his budget request and zeroing out earmarks that had previously been funded. I call upon Senate Democrat Leaders Reid and Schumer to put an end to political showmanship and work with us to pass this important measure that will keep the government running in a fiscally responsible way.

“Reports started to appear yesterday that Senate Democrats may be willing to cut some spending in a long-term measure. We welcome the news that they are beginning to embrace the need to cut spending – especially as we continue to borrow nearly 40 cents of each dollar that we spend – and it shows how much Republicans are changing the culture in Washington. But, I’d caution my Senate Democrat colleagues to make sure that their cuts are significant and serious spending reduction proposals, not just minor efforts to trim around the edges. The 7 month CR that the House approved last week contains substantive spending reductions and is a necessary step to get our fiscal house in order so that we can foster an environment where can businesses can grow and create jobs.

“We again thank Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers and his Committee for their tireless work on this latest Continuing Resolution. This is a vitally important measure to prevent a government shutdown and we sincerely hope that Senate Democrats will join us in supporting this reasonable measure that contains cuts and terminations that they have voiced support for. Simply put, less government spending equals more private sector jobs – and that is exactly what our country needs right now.”

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