Leader Cantor Discusses Cutting Spending on MSNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox News

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On Passing The Short-Term CR and Cutting Spending: “The American people won round one, because Washington is now taking the first steps toward doing what most people are doing right now, which is tightening our belt and learning how to do more with less. This initial interim step to cut spending is exactly where we need to be headed for the rest of the year, because we need to get our fiscal house in order, to create an economy where jobs are going to grow. That is really the intention here, to get the economy growing and get more people back to work.” Bloomberg’s “Inside Track”


On Republicans Leading On The Economy, Tax Reform, and Entitlement Reform: “We have an economy that is still ailing with too many people out of work. Our focus is to try and jump start this economy. What we continue to hear when we talk to small and large businesses is – if you want to fix the economy fix the deficit. If you want to provide the kind of environment for long term economic growth make sure you get your fiscal house is in order. Republicans are taking the small steps this week and we will continue to do that for this fiscal year, but everyone knows that the uncertainty hanging over the economy is caused by the entitlement future of this country. We just can’t keep going like we are going. That is why Republicans have said, when we produce our budget ... we are going to include entitlement reform in that budget.” MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”


On The GAO Report: “The GAO issued a similar report in 2001 with the same kind of information. What we are talking about here in this Congress - Republicans are going to take action. We are going to finally change the culture and get rid of waste. I think most Americans understand that is what we have to do.” Fox News’ "Fox & Friends"

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