Leader Cantor Discusses Cutting Spending & Pro-Growth Policies on CNBC's "Squawk Box"

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On Cutting Spending While Avoiding A Government Shutdown: “Where we should be in terms of driving forward is, both sides should say right away that no one is for shutting down the government, we're for trying to start cutting spending, and that's really where the House has been all along. As you know, we've had several bills come across the House floor to avoid a government shutdown while cutting spending."

On How More Stimulus-Style Spending Is Not The Answer: “First of all, hiring people that you can't afford to pay is not really a good policy. Second of all, if government spending was the key then we would have seen a stimulus bill that was wildly successful – let's just crank up the government spending and borrowing and put everybody back to work. That's what that theory says to me and we've already seen that's failed miserably. Now we're left with this incredible debt load that we have to do something about quickly. So let's make the choice. We don't want to be a government-centered kind of country where people rely and depend upon the government. We know what's made America what it is, it’s the risk-based investment of entrepreneurs. So we're trying to put forward a plan, and you'll see within a month's time, a Republican House budget which will actually speak to entitlement reform. We're going to put it all out there. The President failed to do that and I'm hopeful they'll meet us on that.”

On Republicans’ Cut And Grow Agenda: “We've been about cut and grow. Chairman Dave Camp of the Ways and Means Committee has already launched hearings for tax reform. We're going to be in pursuit of a free trade agenda to once again help our exporters. We're going to try and provide an environment for entrepreneurial growth. That's very much what we're about.”

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