Leader Cantor: GAO Report Sounds Alarm to Cut Spending

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)
Remarks at GOP Press Stakeout
March 1, 2011

“When we began the 112th Congress, we said we were going to be a results driven Congress and that’s exactly what we are about this week. We are working to get out fiscal house in order so that the economy get going again and we can see the American people get back to work. We have also said we are going to launch a comprehensive assessment of the regulatory policies that are impeding job growth. Our committees are hard at work doing just that, to make sure that we are identifying areas of waste and duplicative regulation so that we can make it easier for small businesses to begin to create jobs again.

“Today, there was a GAO report released that shows the federal government currently spends billions of taxpayer dollars on overlapping and duplicative programs. This report includes mentions of 82 programs that try to deal with teacher quality, 47 job training programs, 56 different programs aimed at helping the American people understand their finances, 80 different programs aimed at helping disadvantaged people with their transportation needs. The disturbing thing though is that I have a report right here from 2001 and this report mentions that there is at least $200 billion of waste in the federal government back in 2001, $35 billion in one year alone.

“Now again, we have said enough is enough. Our Congress is about delivering results. We are going to continue to try and get our fiscal house in order, taking the first step this week with the CR and the reduction in spending that the Speaker talked about. And then long term trying to create an environment that fosters economic growth which means we are going to deal with the pressing issues of regulatory waste in our agencies as well as long term issues facing our country in the entitlement programs.”

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