Leader Cantor Goes "On The Record" to Discuss the House GOP's Forum on Job Creation and Spending Cuts

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Leader Cantor’s Takeaways from GOP Jobs Forum. "People really want this country to return to the promise that they thought we were about. We had a woman who is an owner of a small coal company in West Virginia. She says she is down to 24 employees, because the EPA has come in and big-footed the Department of Environmental Protection in West Virginia she has been denied four permits. She said if the federal government could work in concert with that state's environmental protection department she could create 100 jobs. She could go from 24 jobs to 100 in a matter of two years if we just get with the attitude we want to work with entrepreneurs and business people, and stop the adversarial relationship. That's really what I think I learned; government is really providing an impediment to those who want to create jobs."

On The Need To Cut Spending. "[House Republicans] are saying, fine, let's resolve this, we've got more things to do. We know the real problems from a fiscal standpoint – the entitlement programs. If we want to lift the veil of uncertainty, as far as the government continuing to spend and borrow, we've got to come to grips with the facts there's not enough money. We are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend."

On Senator Reid Endorsing the Status Quo. "We are about trying to make sure that we listen to the people that put us here. That's really what has happened. If we don't remember who put us here, all the answers come out of Washington. That’s what is going on with this budget debate right now. Somehow, we are seeing the Senate say all they can muster, from Harry Reid's standpoint, is 10 billion dollars off of the current year's budget? That’s the status quo."

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