Leader Cantor Discusses Pro-Growth Agenda On Fox's Happening Now

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)
Fox's Happening Now
April 14, 2011

On Pro-Growth Agenda: Our number one plan really has two parts, it’s cut and grow. It is to get our fiscal house in order, do the responsible thing to resolve the outstanding debt problem, and then focus on growth. That means we have to bring about confidence again on the part of the people of this country so that our entrepreneurs and small businesses can begin to put their money to work and create jobs. We know we have a very disadvantaged tax code, and we're working very hard in trying to reform the tax code to bring rates down, so that we have a better environment for people to put their money to work and grow.

On Regulatory Reform: We have a multi-tiered growth agenda. Taxes are certainly central to it, but we also have a regulatory relief program. We have 86 new regulations that are coming out this year that the estimates are they'll cost at least $100 million apiece for the economy. We're making it so difficult for small business people to grow and to invest money, and it's hard enough already in these tough economic times. We're trying to get Washington to be a partner, not an enemy, in terms of job growth.

On American Innovation: The new piece of our agenda is innovation. That's truly how America has led, we innovate better than anyone else in the world. We truly invent things that change the world. You have to ask yourself, why Google, Apple, Amgen, Facebook, Genentech, why are they all here, borne out of the backyards, garages and basements of America? It’s because we believe in opportunity for everybody, and our growth agenda is focused on trying to reinstill this sense of entrepreneurial spirit. It has to do with freeing up access to capital, making it easier for small business to get access to loans. It has to do with creating a better regulatory environment, a better tax environment, and frankly, just an optimism that the government is going to get out of the way and solve its problems and leave the private sector the ability to grow.

On Washington’s Spending Problem: We don't believe you ought to raise taxes, especially in times of high unemployment. And the fact I think most Americans get is, Washington does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. We have to get our fiscal house in order and manage the debt down. You can't go and start raising taxes, just as the President advocated yesterday and not change the habit of spending in this town.

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