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On The President's Upcoming Speech/Plan As Outlined By David Plouffe: I sit here and I listen to David Plouffe talk about their commitment to cut spending knowing full well for the last two months we've had to bring this President kicking and screaming to the table to cut spending. I then hear they are going to present a plan as far as how to address the fiscal situation. And right away, they are insisting we have to look at raising taxes again, all while holding up the tax agreement that was signed in December. On one hand, we are going to defend the tax agreement but then go ahead and violate it. As you correctly pointed out, the President himself said he wouldn't raise the debt limit, and now they're flipping on that. In my opinion, it's really hard to believe what this White House and the President is saying.

On The CR Agreement: This is the first bite of the apple and we’ve been saying that all along. This is about making the right decisions now. We have the Ryan budget up this week in the House, which lays out our plan of how we'll address the fiscal challenges of our country. We have the debt limit vote coming in several weeks as well. What that vote is about is dealing with the fiscal mismanagement of the past. But there is no way that we Republicans are going to support increasing the debt limit without guaranteed steps being put in place to ensure that spending doesn't get out of control again.

On The Debt Limit: Step back for a second, and let's just think about a family when they are engaging in their fiscal affairs and trying to manage their budget. When you hit the max on your credit card, and you don't know what to do, first of all you have to learn how you got there and not commit the mistake again. If you are going to get an increase in that limit, I think most people would say okay, let's make sure that we're doing everything we can to not spend the money again. These are the kinds of things that we lay out in our budget that will be up this week.

Just as we saw happen this week in Washington, there comes a time leverage moment here. A time in which the White House and the President will actually capitulate to what the American people want right now. They don't want to raise taxes. They don't want spending to continue to spiral out of control. Those are the kind of things and mechanisms, whether it's spending caps, entitlement reform, budget process reforms, these are the kind of things that we're going to have to have in order to go along with the debt limit increase.

On Pro-Life Issues & Democrat Rhetoric: We believe very strongly that we should not be spending taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. We fought hard for that. The President and Harry Reid have a very different view on that issue. What we did get is a guaranteed vote in the Senate for all the American people to see where their Senators stand on that issue. Something we have not gotten before. Around the issue of Planned Parenthood, the kind of rhetoric that came from members on the other side of the aisle is completely inappropriate. When they are saying things like Republicans have come to Washington to kill women, that's just not serious, that's inappropriate. When you have that kind of environment, you can't get something serious done.

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