Leader Cantor on Republicans' Plan for Job Creators and Growth

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“We have a spending reduction plan, they do not. We have a growth plan, they do not. We are focused on the economy and jobs – and have been since day one - and they are not.”

"Good morning, since day one House Republicans have been focused on jobs and the economy. That’s day one, not just this session, but going back to January of ‘09. It was then our focus to make sure we were doing all we could to promote economy recovery. Several of the Chairmen that are with us today were Ranking Members, including Mr. Camp and Mr. Brady and others, as well as then-Minority Leader Boehner, and I as Whip said, we need to focus on jobs and the economy.

"Then for two years, Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Majority did it their way. They passed a nearly trillion dollar stimulus bill which failed to get people back to work, they insisted on passing their nearly trillion dollar health care overall that the public still does not support, and they repeatedly tried to impose the largest tax increase in American history. The fact is that they did not focus on jobs. That is why we saw the outcome of the November ‘10 election. People were tired of the lack of results and the lack of focus on the important issue of the economy.

"That’s why when we were in the Minority last year, we put out the Pledge to America to focus on what people care about, which is getting Americans back to work. In our Pledge to America, we said we were going to adopt a two-pronged approach. The first was to get our fiscal house in order. We have been about that, as you know, in passing the Ryan budget which puts a plan out there, which provides a concrete proposal to reduce spending in Washington and to change the culture once and for all.

"We also said it’s not just about cutting, that you also need to grow the economy. We understand that it’s important for us – to grow the economy, not just Washington – to see small businesses flourish. Now more than ever, our nation needs small businesses and entrepreneurs to get people back to work. That’s why we are presenting today a Plan for America’s Job Creators. This is how our economy is going to flourish. This is how we want to continue to build on the Pledge for America, and all the work that our Chairmen in Committees have been doing over the last five months to make sure that our nation’s job creators can start hiring again. We are focused on jobs and you’ll hear the details from our Chairmen as to what they have been doing and what they are planning to do.

"The bottom line is this. This represents a real contrast, there is a choice, which the American public will see. We have a spending reduction plan in the Ryan budget. It’s clear that the President, former Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Leader in the Senate do not have a spending plan. We have a growth plan, they do not. We are focused on the economy and jobs – and have been since day one - and Leader Reid, Leader Pelosi and the President are not."

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