Leader Cantor Statement on YouCut Phase II

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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement regarding the introduction of YouCut Phase II:

“When we launched YouCut over a year ago, we could have never imagined how enthused people were by the effort, how engaged they became, and how successful the program would be in achieving its mission of changing the culture of spending into a culture of savings. Millions of votes were cast across the country to encourage the House to cut spending, and that is exactly what we continue to do. YouCut began as an unprecedented House use of new media and cutting edge technology to listen to and incorporate the ideas of voters and finally begin forcing Washington to start thinking about cutting instead of spending.

“At the launch of YouCut, I said, ‘Imagine if Congress was as focused on saving money as it is on spending money. Wouldn’t it be a nice change if Congress spent less time naming post offices – 62 and counting – and more time reducing wasteful spending?’ It took a transfer of the majority for Congress to finally start listening. Now, as our new majority continues to work to cut spending and grow our economy, it’s time to transform YouCut to its next phase. Our freshman class is eager to cut spending and engage the online YouCut community. Today, Congressman Austin Scott, Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, and Congressman Mick Mulvaney are taking the lead in launching YouCut Phase II. This updated version builds upon the success of the original YouCut program by allowing Americans to vote on a spending cut, and track the legislation in real-time, from introduction by a member of our freshman class, through the committee process, to a floor vote and ideally to enactment. We are excited for YouCut Phase II and will continue our efforts to get our fiscal house in order and make the business of our nation’s capitol more accountable, transparent and accessible to people throughout the country.”

YouCut Phase II Program Overview:

• Each week that the House is in session*, the YouCut community votes on three spending reduction proposals for introduction in the House. (*Note: voting posted online the week before a one-week recess will continue during the recess.)

• The winning YouCut is subsequently introduced by the designated Member. The legislative progress of the YouCut is then tracked on the YouCut site.

• The Majority Leader’s office will work to champion the YouCut bills and move them through the legislative process either in the form of free-standing bills, amendments, or provisions in larger bills.

View Leader Cantor's press conference launching YouCut Phase II HERE.

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