DNC Chair Ducks On Jobs

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Today, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz ducked questions – not once, but twice – on President Obama not having a plan to create jobs. With millions of Americans out of work and unemployment at 9.1%, the Chairwoman clung to the same rehashed economic policies that have failed to boost our economy. In contrast, House Republicans have offered a straightforward and robust plan to create jobs, instill optimism, boost economic growth and get people back to work. Where is the Democrats’ plan for growth?

  • Jon Karl: “Does there need to be something additional coming from the White House by way of a new big push on jobs?”
  • DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “I think we are quite supportive of the President continuing to focus on making sure that we can make the investments that are necessary, pushing for tax breaks as we have already adopted for the middle class, and for working families and for small business owners, and continuing those kind of policies…”

Moments later, Karl again asked whether the DNC Chair believes the President should put forward a plan for jobs.

  • Karl: “So you don’t see a need for a new jobs proposal coming from the White House, even though we still have 14 million Americans unemployed?”
  • Wasserman Schultz: “I see a need for the Republican leadership and the Democratic leadership to be willing to sit down together. We’re willing, we’ve asked for them to come to the table with us to sit down and focus on the cuts that we know will be painful, that I wouldn’t want to have to vote for, but know that I’m going to have to cast some votes that are painful, and also take a look at those reductions in the tax code, spending in the tax code that exists. We’re willing to strike a balance – we’re willing, in order to be able to out compete, out innovate, and out build our global competitors – we know we’re going to have to engage in shared sacrifice. They don’t seem to get that, the Republicans don’t seem to get that yet, it’s beyond me. It’s like the proverbial ostrich sticking their head in the sand.”

Reminder: This isn’t the first time the Chairwoman has ducked a question on the Democrats’ lack of a plan.

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