Leader Cantor Discusses GOP's Jobs Plan, Debt Limit Negotiations on CBS, FOX & CNBC

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On Republicans' Plan to Save Trillions: “The President said nothing he would propose could pass in the House and again, that was really indicative of where the President has missed the boat in terms of trying to lead. We have come to the table, we have a concrete plan in place to save trillions of dollars over a 10-year budget window and believe that we can find ways to cut. There are potentially trillions of dollars of agreement that we could have. I’m serving with the Vice President in the talks that are taking place twice a week here in Washington and I can tell you there is a potential for trillions of dollars in savings if the President and his side would come together and actually say, the American people expect us to produce results here, let's do it.” Fox News “Fox & Friends”

On Getting Our Fiscal House In Order: “We have a situation where the spending is out of control. We know we've got this outside deadline here that the Secretary of the Treasury has said is in August. We are really trying to see where we can arrive at consensus so we can produce trillions in savings and demonstrate that we're going to stop the way that money is spent in Washington and reform the system. That's really what yesterday's meeting was about, that's what the on-going meetings with the Vice President are about. Ultimately, really getting our fiscal house in order is just a part of what we've got to do. As you know, this economy's not growing fast enough. We have to get people back to work. We've put forward a real growth strategy to do that.” CNBC “Squawk Box”

On Changing The Way Washington Works: “The Vice President, myself, as well as some other leaders from Capitol Hill, are trying to forge some consensus on how we can cut the level of spending here in Washington, and once and for all change how the system works here so that we can live within our means at the federal level, just as most families and businesses have to do. We are focused on the long-term goal, which is what you're talking about this morning, growing this economy. We all know that the economy is not growing fast enough, and too many people are out of work.” CBS “The Early Show”

On The Republican Plan to Boost Small Business Growth: “You can't wave a magic wand in Washington and tell companies to hire. What we're trying to do is create an environment where you do have more small businesses starting up and more entrepreneurs willing to invest money to create jobs. We know in America most jobs come from small businesses. That's why we Republicans unleashed a plan last week for American job creators – the small businesses and entrepreneurs of this country - to get them back into the game. We're trying to make sure that Washington stops hurting small business, and again, begins to create an environment where you're going to see entrepreneurs and small business folks willing to invest their capital.” CBS “The Early Show”

On Creating An Environment Where The Private Sector Can Invest Again: “If you're trying to say we need to defend the policies of the last two years, I think you and I can both agree it's demonstrated when you pumped almost $800 billion into the economy from Washington - meaning borrowed and taxed money - it didn't work. Look at where unemployment is right now. We’ve been there, done that. We're trying to say to the President look, you've tried your way, it didn't work. The voters responded last November. We now have an opportunity to create an environment where you can actually see investors and entrepreneurs get back into the game. We need to work really hard to get Washington's fiscal house in order, and provide incentives through reduction of tax rates, through a sensible regulatory policy, through a sensible monetary policy and strong dollar; as well as trying to get this trade agenda going. Those are the type of things that we have to do, because if we do that, we are going to create an environment where the private sector can begin to invest again.” CNBC “Squawk Box”


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