Leader Cantor: We Need To Focus On Jobs and Growing This Economy

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"Good morning, if there were ever a time that we need to start focusing on jobs, this is it. If there were ever an indicator that we actually need to start having a plan to grow jobs, this is it. The House Republicans unveiled our Plan for America’s Job Creators last week. We are serious about growing this economy, we are serious about reinstilling some optimism on the part of small businesses and the middle class in this country. This President continues to give speeches as if he is there for the middle class and small businesses, but somehow the rhetoric falls short because the actions seem to hinder job growth and entrepreneurial activity. We want to continue to push forward in this area and welcome the President finally to join us in this area so we can America back to work."

Q & A:

"We are hard at work in these Biden talks, I think that the Vice President and his team, as well as the Secretary of the Treasury and the Director of the OMB, will validate that there is significant, substantive discussion surrounding these very complex programs we are looking to cut and reform. As the Speaker indicated, we’ve got a lot to do in the timeframe that we’re trying to meet. We have to see some will on the part of this Administration to come and agree with the things we are talking about. I can tell you that everything is on the table, other than raising taxes on the people we need to help create jobs, but I believe there is much progress going on inside these talks. What we need is to continue to drive these talks, and to come to some agreement so we can send a signal that we’re going to get the fiscal house in order, the government can work, and we’ve got to have a plan here to make it happen and then talk about growing this economy."

"What we’re doing in these talks is we are fleshing out where the programs that we are talking about have significant error rates, where there are efficiencies that can be gained, and frankly, there are federal priorities that we can’t afford to fund. And we’ve got to reassess that. Again, there's a lot of complexity in these programs and movement towards coalescing around trillions of dollars in cuts. The Secretary of Treasury, when he met with our freshman yesterday, indicated that they embraced trillions of dollars. The Speaker has set the bar, he said we’re not going to increase the nation’s credit limit for trillions of dollars, as the President is indicating without commensurate, or more than trillions of dollars in cuts. And the question is, where is the President? I can tell you inside that room it seems to be the spirit is that we’re going to keep politics out, and we’re going to keep tax increases off the table, but we’re going to push forward on spending reductions and reforms."

“Our priority is to get people back to work, and we know that the private sector and small business in particular, as has been stated several times, are the ones to do it. We also know that raising taxes on individuals impacts small business owners, because most of the small businesses in this country are set up as pass through entities or partnerships, and sole proprietorships. So if you are going to increase individual income tax rates, you are going to necessarily put disincentives in place for these individuals to grow jobs. What’s the priority here? That’s the real question. We believe it is to create jobs.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)
Remarks at GOP Stakeout
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